Elemental Director Speaks Out After Backlash From Fans

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Over the years, Pixar and Disney have been responsible for creating some of the most iconic and loved movies and shorts. There have been so many smash-hit movies from them that almost every fan has a different opinion of what the best Pixar movie is. Because they have built up such a reputation for themselves, fans have begun to expect excellence from Disney Pixar movies every single time. Unfortunately, the latest teaser trailer of a significant upcoming Pixar project has left many fans feeling underwhelmed. Now, the director of that film is speaking out to defend his project and reignite the interest of fans.

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Credit: Pixar

Can a Director’s Words Save a Movie?

Last month, Pixar Animation Studio released a new trailer for their upcoming film. Fans of the studio were anticipating another incredible movie from the studio. Unfortunately for Pixar, the reception was far from glowing.

The film in question is Elemental, which is set to premiere in theaters on June 16, 2023. This film was expected to be a massive hit amongst fans, but since the release of its trailer, fans have been ripping it apart before it even premiered. The reason that fans are not keen on Elemental is because of how “predictable” the storyline appears to be. One fan explained;

“It’s always what if “insert noun” had feelings with Pixar. Started with toys, then monsters, then fish, on an on and now we have made it to “what if elements had feelings?” It’s rinse and repeat and I’m willing to bet any money it’s nominated for best animated feature next year.”


Credit: Disney

The film was also judged based on the fire person and water person character’s similarity to other pop-culture characters, most notably “FireBoy & Watergirl” and Osmosis Jones. 

Now, the director of Elemental has spoken up to defend his film. Director Peter Sohn explained on The Morning Show that he has been working on the film for seven years. He says that the film is inspired by his parent’s sacrifice as immigrants coming to the United States as a country. He also said the movie talks about the “culture” clash that he experienced himself as a Korean man living in such a diverse area.

His passion and heart have made this film a “labor of love” for Sohn. Hopefully, this new perspective will turn around the opinion of the fans. This movie seems like a very interesting project, and it deserves a chance to succeed.

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