Dwayne Johnson Role in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ Updated

Actor Dwayne Johnson is now at the center of discussions to potentially take over the iconic role previously held by Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a highly successful actor with a diverse range of movie roles spanning various genres. Johnson got his start from wrestling. Johnson comes from a family with a deep connection to the world of professional wrestling. His father, Rocky Johnson, was a renowned professional wrestler, and his grandfather, Peter Maivia. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson became a fan favorite and a multiple-time WWE Champion. His catchphrases, such as “Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?”

Dwayne Johnson WWE

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As Dwayne Johnson moved past wrestling, he got his first major film role in The Scorpion King (2002), a spinoff from The Mummy Returns. Johnson has starred in several films since he began, and fans have fallen in love with him for his charismatic presence, physical prowess, and versatility as an actor. Race to Witch Mountain (2009), Fast & Furious Franchise, The Game Plan,Central Intelligence (2016), Moana (2016) , Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017), Rampage (2018) are just some of Johnson’s films.

Pirates in the Caribbean may be looking for a new Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirates of the Caribbean franchise had long been associated with Johnny Depp’s iconic Captain Jack Sparrow. However, Disney, with its share of issues and disagreements with the actor, even preceding his legal troubles with ex-wife Amber Heard, is not prepared to abandon the $4.5 billion franchise. Reports suggest that a new Captain Jack Sparrow might be on the horizon: Dwayne Johnson.

Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) runs away in 'Pirates' franchise

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Johnny Depp’s unforgettable portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, complete with his distinct mannerisms, worn attire, and memorable one-liners, propelled him to superstardom and became the heart and soul of the franchise. Over the course of five films spanning from 2003 to 2017, including titles like Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest (2006), At World’s End (2007), On Stranger Tides (2011), and Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017). 

As for Dwayne Johnson’s involvement in Pirates of the Caribbean, he is set to star in Disney’s live-action Moana film, where he will reprise his role as Maui the Demi-God. Although there has been speculation about his potential return for Jungle Cruise 2, Disney has not confirmed this, and the company may actually be canceling the sequel after all. The main question regarding Dwayne Johnson is his role in Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

dwayne johnson during a talk show

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Despite ongoing speculation about Johnson’s involvement, including recent reports suggesting he was still being considered for a role, there is no concrete evidence to support these claims. Multiple insiders have now indicated that Dwayne Johnson is not being considered for a role in Pirates of the Caribbean 6, and the actor is currently focused on other projects.

While Dwayne Johnson may not play Captain Jack Sparrow anytime soon, this doesn’t guarantee Johnny Depp’s return.

Do you think Dwayne Johnson could pull off replacing Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 6?

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  1. Are you kidding? There is only 1 Jack Sparrow and that is played by Johnny Depp!

    • I agree there is only 1 Captain Jack Sparrow and that is Johnny Depp__ if they do not have Johnny Depp does not play Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 6 I will not watch it..jmo 🤷🏻‍♀️

      • I agree NO Johnny, No Money. Johnny Depp is the only Captain Jack Sparrow. They need to apologize and beg because without Johnny Depp…They’ll lose more money!!! He made POTC!

        • The only Captain Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp. His name was completely cleared; you need to beg him to return to the franchise, if necessary. You’ll lose big if you try to replace him. No one will go see the movie.

          • I totally agree. Johnny Depp is the man

          • Michael Sean Holmes

            I love Depp in all of his movies … he is Captain Jack… and there is no other … the children’s books of POTC fellows the adventures of a young kid Jack Sparrow…if Depp doesn’t comeback then make POTC6 a start of a prequel trilogy about a younger Jack Sparrow before he becomes good old Captain Jack…those stories include other pirates like Bootstrap Bill Turner before William and Elizabeth were born… they include adventures with Gentlemen Gacard and other pirates that Jack had adventures with when was young … that could be one of the reasons he owns all of them money … with a younger cast it could be a prequel trilogy letting us see a young Jack trying to figure out who he is as a pirate and person building up to the Depp version we all know and love

      • No one can replace Johnny Depp and Disney would be making a huge mistake and no way this film will bring in as much $$ without him!! I won’t watch it and I’ve loved the series! Just wouldnt be the same.

        • No one could ever be a Jack Sparrow character but Johnny Depp. He made the iconic pirate so popular that his loyal fans would boycott the next film so Disney would end up with egg on their face. It’s ridiculous to even think that Dwayne Johnson could be the new Jack Sparrow. There’s no way not ever no how. It would be a massive fail , Johnny’s fans are as one in telling Disney to shove Pirates 6. Johnny forever

        • I agree, they need to beg Johnny or leave it alone, Disney you will lose big time if you try to replace him.

      • You cant get a new Sparrow esp Dwayne Johnson not even close at all. What is Disney thinking

      • Agree. Johnny Depp IS Jack Sparrow. There is NO Pirates of the Caribbean without him

    • I agree. If Johnny Depps not coming back there shouldn’t be another movie. What is wrong with these people?

    • No Johnny Depp..No Jack Sparrow. No one else can fill his shoes in this role. He was cleared of any wrongdoing. Why is Disney continuing to persecute him. I won’t be watching Pirates…if Johnny is not in it!

    • Depp is the only person who can play Jack sparrow, Disney obviously want to run pirates into the ground by thinking Dwyane can do a better job. Disney would be lucky to break even with Dwyane in the leading role.

    • So true no one can replace Johnny Depp in pof c. Get with it unless he doesn’t want to act in it which I wouldn’t blame him after the ridiculous way Disney put him down didn’t stand by him. Fired him from all the parts. Go f them selves they are hurting them selves but I’ll tell you if JP doesn’t play the jack Sparrow it’ll flop. Because no one will go to theaters at least I won’t see the movie for sure.

  2. the has no range at all its always just him over paid and too many flops maybe executives are scared os him but good act not even close

    • Due to his involvement with Oprah, we will not be investing any money into anything the rock is involved in. That being said, no Johnny, no way will we be buying tickets or dvd’s for pirates of Caribbean, unless Johnny is in the role

    • Roflmao. The rock. He’s a shitty actor. I won’t waste money to see the rock in anything at all. No johnny no POTC.

      • Dwayne Johnson has made some good movies, especially Jungle Book, but Johnny Depp will always be the Captain. Find another way for Dwayne in another Jungle Book.

        That being said, I suspect JDepp will NOT want to do it again. Can’t imagine he is broke or wants Disney’s money, even though they have probably made him RICH(ER).

  3. Dwayne Johnson is a wrestler. Fact said. Johnny Depp is an icon. As far as potc 6: no Johnny Depp as Capt Jack, there is no potc. I will NOT waste my money to go . And that’s the final line!!!!

    • No one else can portray jack sparrow Like Johnny Depp. He IS JACK SPARROW!!

    • I agree! No Johnny Depp no potc!!

      • I won’t watch it without johnny depp , johnny depp is jack sparrow. Will be a huge mistake if they try to replace him. Disney you really need to grovel to johnny depp . Get him back if you want another successful pirates film.

  4. I have nothing against Dewayne Johnson but no way he could take over I will not watch if him or anybody else is in the movie if Johnny Depp isn’t!!!!!! He is Captain Jack Sparrow He is Pirates of the Caribbean period!!!! There is no one else like my Johnny and the thought of anybody else in that movie makes me sick If Johnny is in it I’ll be 1st in line and watch it so many times If he’s not in it I’ll never ever watch it!

    • No there is only One Pirate Jack Sparrow and that’s JOHNNY DEPP. He is Captain Jack Sparrow. Please keep him in The Pirates of the Caribbean 6. It would really be different and cruel to not let him play the part he started. Johnny Depp Captain Jack Sparrow forever

  5. OMG I agree. Johnny made Jack Sparrow. No one can be Captain Jack Sparrow. It’s not being Mr Depp, it’s just he created Jack Sparrows image.. The time, the energy that Johnny puts into each character is amazingly powerful. I refuse to watch #6 without Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.

    • I agree NO Johnny, No Money. Johnny Depp is the only Captain Jack Sparrow. They need to apologize and beg because without Johnny Depp…They’ll lose more money!!! He made POTC! Take it from Fantastic Beast 3. How’d that do? EXACTLY! NO Johnny NO Money!!!

      • Keep Johnny depp film will not be the same there’s only one Johnny depp that plays a great part in the film

    • Johnny Deep is the only icon and main role of this movie. Everyone will be disappointed if he doesn’t show in the movie. Many fans of us admired Johnny to be Captain Jack. He is #1, and I admired him to be keeping this role alive.

      Johnny we are here for you, we’re ever you go. Fans have your back of support. Need someone to talk to am here to listen.

    • I totally agree. Johnny Depp is the man


        Disney better be getting one million alpacas and 300 million dollars and then go publicly apologize to Johnny Depp! They made a GIANT mistake when they took Amber Turds word over Johnny’s. He was cleared off ANY wrong doing! In the future I’m sure (hope) Disney won’t be so stupid!

  6. Johnny Depp is the reason Pirates of the Caribbean has been so successful. Even though Dewayne Johnson is a good actor, he is not Captain Jack Sparrow. I have watched every Pirates of the Caribbean movies numerous times if Johnny Depp isn’t in it. I will not be watching it. There will never be another Captain Jack Sparrow other than Johnny Depp. Wish he would come back . Disney will loose money if they try to produce a movie without him.

    • I agree, Johnny made Jack Sparrow…no one can replace his talent in regards to the character!


  7. Nope! I will not pay money to see pirates if it’s not Johnny Depp! He is the only one for that part! Disney needs to stop. If it ain’t Johnny Depp no one will want to watch it! Again Johnny Depp is the only one who can play Sparrow! Enough said!

    • We all know there is only one Jack Sparrow. If Johnny absolutely refuses to play the part, then maybe Jim Carrey could pull it off as Jack’s brother or something. Duane Johnson, NO, he is only a wrestler to me.

    • Johnny Depp is the only actor who can portray Jack Sparrow because Johnny Depp made Jack Sparrow period. I will not watch another actor play Johnny’s part!

      • Michael Sean Holmes

        They took Depp out of the fantastic Beast… and that last one SUCKED WITHOUT JOHNNY PLAYING Grindelwald… Mads is a good actor but they could of saved the story by Mads playing a different character… I mean Mads and Depp played the same character but in different ways…2 different versions of Grindelwald … it was good with Depp and Mads versions SUCKED … it didn’t even come close … so with that being said the Rock should play a different character not Captain Jack Sparrow the movie would be no good if the Rock plays Captain Jack Sparrow… it could work without Depp if it was a prequel trilogy trying to build on Depps version of a younger version of Jack trying to figure out who he is as a pirate and a kid … that’s the only way to make it without One of the Greatest Actors

  8. There is only one captain jack Sparrow and Dwayne The Rock Johnson is not him I will not watch it if he becomes Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp is the one and only one that is and can be the captain

  9. Johnny Depp cannot be replaced as Jack Sparrow.

    • There is only one Captain Jack and that is Johnny Depp! No one else can pull that off. He owns it. I like Dwayne Johnson, but you would have to bring him in as another character.

  10. No johnny there’s no pirates disney need to apologise to him he put so much time into making captain jack not disney they really need to publicly apologise for what they done to him no johnny no pirates

  11. There is only one Captain Jack and that is Johnny Depp! No one else can pull that off. He owns it. I like Dwayne Johnson, but you would have to bring him in as another character.

  12. No way Johnny Depp can be replaced whoever is making the decision on it should be replaced Johnny Depp is the only Captain Jack and nobody can replace him he is the franchise

  13. There is NO replacement for Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow!! He owns the role and any next movie without him will certainly fail…..

  14. Johnny is captain Jack sparrow he created the character himself Johnny said he came up with the character of captain Jack by spending hours in very hot sauna and he even went as far as having painful dental procedure to have gold fillings put in his teeth this character all came from Johnny’s depp’s incredible magical wonderful very unique talented imagination there was no captain Jack sparrow before Johnny depp created this wonderful completely unique irreverent character captain Jack all from Johnny’s brilliant fantastic incredible imagination so Disney are complete and utter ignorant fools if they try to make potc 6 without the amazing incredibly talented leading actor the star of the movie and the franchise of potc Johnny depp is the one and only captain Jack sparrow ever so Disney needs to swallow their stupid egos and admit they made their biggest mistake by believing that lying abuser thing amber heard over Johnny depp the actual innocent survivor of dv abuse by miss physcopath heard Disney needs to either privately or publicly apologise to Johnny depp and beg Johnny to come back to the potc movies franchise and play the character Johnny completely created from his wonderful magical imagination and Disney needs to beg Johnny depp to again be the one and only irrelevant captain Jack sparrow that only the incredibly multi talented brilliant magical imagination of Johnny depp who is the only one who can bring alive captain Jack sparrow on the big movie screens because Johnny is the only one who can ever be captain Jack sparrow 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

  15. Absolutely will not buy a ticket if Depp isn’t in it. Dwayne Johnson doesn’t come close or anyone else. Disney get a grip. Apologize to Depp and move on with him. You made a big mistake with dropping him.

  16. There is ONLY jhonny that can play Jack sparrow
    Nobody else no matter how much you try and replace him you can’t because no one can play his role

  17. I don’t’ like the rock. Should’ve stuck with Johnny Depp.

  18. They should remake boonies the rock would be a better slot than a Jack Sparrow.

  19. Sorry misspelled Goonies😂😂😂

  20. I am a Huge fan of Johnny Depp. Im sorry I can’t see anyone else as the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow. If Depp can’t be him no one can. Nothing can change my mind on that. Depp is the best and he always will live as the best

  21. Huge mistake if The Rock replaces Johnny Depp, NOBODY can ever replace Johnny Depp, his character make Pirates of the Caribbean what it is today.!!

  22. No way! Johnny is the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow! Disney should.never have pulled him in the first place! Don’t get me wrong I love Dwayne Johnson but nobody but Johnny can be Captain Jack! Unless the go back to a kid version of him growing up, and that would be before he became Captain.

  23. Johnny is Captain Jack Sparrow! No one can replace him!

  24. On top of being Captain Jack Sparrow which no one can replace him, he is an amazing actor that plays in movies and is a different character in each film he has done.Very versatile.Great actor.He excels at everything he does.

  25. Disney has lost their frigin minds. Ummm excuse me Disney, shall I sing Amazing grace now or later?? Your company is going to get boycotted for this outrageous decision your about to make. Johnny Depp is the only Jack sparrow and Dwayne Johnson is about to look like the most stupidest Actor in Hollywood. If you value your career, I would not even think about playing this part because the fans of Pirated of Carribean(JohhnyDepp) will show you what the Rock is cooking and that’s you becoming the #1 Worst Actor in Hollywood . SMH!!!

  26. Only one Captain Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp without him it’s nothing. There isn’t a person that can replace him as Captain Jack Sparrow.