‘The Little Mermaid’ Producers Sued For Nearly $200,000 After Injury Occurs on Set

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Usually, when Disney Dining reports on a Disney injury, we’re writing about a personal injury that occurred while visiting Walt Disney World.

Sometimes the theme park injuries can be pretty rough, like the recent case in which a guest reportedly lost a “chunk” from their elbow while visiting Animal Kingdom. In even rarer cases, these theme park injuries can result in a tragic death.

But usually, the injuries occurring at Walt Disney World are relatively minor and temporary.

However, the injury we’re reporting on today didn’t happen at Walt Disney World, or in Central Florida at all. Instead, it happened on the set of Disney’s recent live-action retelling of The Little Mermaid (2023).

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Credit: Disney

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This Injury Is Totally Different From the Ones Disney Dining Usually Reports…

According to Deadline’s report, a “veteran special effects artist” was injured while working on The Little Mermaid, and is currently suing the Walt Disney Company for £150,000 (which converts to $191,000).

Christine Overs, age 74, has been in the movie-making business for decades. This special effects artist has worked on classic films such as Dune (1984), Aliens (1986), Neverending Story III (1994), and more, bringing characters and creatures to life for years.

In short, Overs wasn’t new to the game when the injury occurred.

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The Victim Was a Seasoned Veteran In the Movie-Making Business

Reportedly, the special effects artist was working on one of the film’s extensive beach scenes, sculpting one of the set pieces, when a “makeshift step” broke, sending Overs to the ground.

The fall resulted in a broken wrist at the least, causing “ongoing wrist pain” and even a “substantial level of disability” at worst, according to Overs’ lawyers.

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This injury also disrupted Overs’ life, leaving her unable to drive after the incident and unable to work “into her eighties,” as she had originally planned. Even years after the incident, which occurred in 2020, the special effects veteran still struggles with her work, which requires precision and stability.

Sandcastle Pictures, which, according to Deadline’s report, is “the production entity Disney set up to make The Little Mermaid,” has already taken the blame and admitted “full liability” for the fall and resulting injury. However, the production entity is objecting to how much Christine Overs is owed.

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The trial hasn’t taken place yet, although a pre-trial has already occurred. At this time, Disney has made no comments or releases regarding the situation.

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