Disney Park Guests Shocked With “Scandalous” Price Hikes

Disneyland Paris Price Hike

Price hikes. They seem to be hitting The Walt Disney Company at a growing rate.

As Disney fans attempt to keep up with the recent Park ticket price increases at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World’s food and beverage price hikes, Disneyland Paris Resort is now experiencing the same blow to the budget.

Disneyland Paris with Mickey Mouse
Credit: Disney

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Disneyland Paris Guests awoke on November 29, 2022, to find food and beverage pricing on the rise. Without any warning, the price increase at several locations is effective immediately.

@DLPReport took to social media to share several new price increases at Disneyland Paris Resort within Disney buffet restaurants, table-service restaurants, and quick-service restaurants.

Buffet Restaurants

Here are the following Disneyland Paris buffet restaurants that have been hit by the price increase:

Disneyland Paris Plaza Gardens
Plaza Gardens (Credit: Disney)

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  • Plaza Gardens and Hunter Grill: €38 to €45 (+7) – U.S. dollars: $39.24 to $46.47
  • Downtown, Cape Cod, and PYM Kitchen: €42 to €45 (+3) – U.S. dollars: $43.37 to $46.47
  • Chuck Wagon Cafe and Agrabah Cafe: €38 to €40 (+2) – U.S. dollars: $39.24 to $41.30
  • La Cantina and Crockett Tavern: €34 to €35 (+1) – U.S. dollars: $35.11 to $36.14

Table Service Restaurants

Buffet restaurants aren’t the only restaurants this price increase has hit. Effective immediately, Disney has also increased the price at table-service restaurants, including:

Auberge de Cendrillon Disneyland Paris
Auberge de Cendrillon (Credit: Disney)

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  • Auberge: €79 to €95 (+16) – U.S. dollars: $81.57 to $98.09
  • Walt’s and Chez RĂ©my: €42 to €55 (+13) – U.S. dollars: $43.37 to $56.79
  • Manhattan: €49 to €55 (+6) – U.S. dollars: $50.60 to $56.79
  • Silver Spur and Captain Jack’s: €42 to €45 (+3) – U.S. dollars: $43.37 to $46.47
  • Lucky Nugget: €22 to €25 (+3) – U.S. dollars: $22.72 to $25.81

These buffet and table service restaurants’ price hikes show the hardest hit table-service restaurant is Auberge de Cendrillon with a $16 jump per person and Plaza Gardens as the hardest hit buffet experience with a $7 price hike per person.

Quick Service Restaurants

Sadly, quick-service restaurants are not immune to the “scandalous” food price increase.

Restaurant Hakuna Matata Disneyland Paris
Restaurant Hakuna Matata (Credit: Disney)

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@DLPReport notes there are too many to list, overall, menus 1 and 2 pictured below are combined and increased to €15 ($15.49 U.S. dollars). It is also noted that desserts have been removed from all menus while keeping the same price.

Beverage Price Increase

As if the massive food impact isn’t enough for Disney Park Guests to handle, it is also being reported that all fountain drinks have been increased from €3.80 to €4 (U.S. Dollars: $3.92 to $4.13).

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We can’t help but think about this popular tweet from @SirBrayden as Walt Disney World Resort recently increased its beverage cost. He tweets:

“Oh calm down, you’re in Disney World, you can afford a $4.29 soda. What’s the problem with a $5.79 soda? You’re on a vacation, it’s just a $6.29 soda. Seriously, what’s wrong with the $7.49 soda? Stop complaining about the $10 soda, it’s Disney, enjoy your $25 soda.”

The former Disney CEO Bob Chapek may be gone, but it looks like even the newly returned Disney CEO Bob Iger wasn’t able to stop these price increases from unfolding… even though he too believes that Disney Parks are too expensive.

As always, we will share more details as soon as they are released in regards to Disneyland Paris’ hard-hitting food price increases. In the meantime, keep saving those pennies, Disney fans!

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