Fans MUST Stay Connected Overnight in Virtual Queue to Purchase Disney World Passes Tomorrow

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Disney World Annual Pass sales have been in full swing since early Thursday morning, with sales pausing late in the evening on Thursday. But that doesn’t mean that everyone who wants to purchase a pass has been able to do so, and for fans who are still waiting in the virtual queue for their chance to make a purchase when the sales are paused Thursday night, it will be a very long night indeed.

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Disney World opened Annual Pass sales early Thursday morning, and almost immediately, there were several problems on Disney’s website. After a brief delay, passes began flying off the proverbial shelves to eager and anxious fans–some who hadn’t been able to purchase a pass since before the pandemic began in 2020.

Disney website crashes as Annual Pass sales resume for Walt Disney World

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Some fans waited hours in the virtual queue before it was their turn to purchase passes. Others were unable to purchase their passes via the website and had to complete their purchases over the phone.

Late Thursday afternoon, announcements were made about time running short for fans who intend to buy their Disney World passes, and most reports claimed that sales could be ending for good on Thursday night. But now fans are learning that things are much worse–specifically for fans who find themselves still awaiting their turn in the virtual queue as the pause of sales for the day approaches.

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Sales of Disney World Annual Passes are set to pause at 11:00 p.m. Eastern on Thursday and resume early Friday morning–though Disney says no earlier than 7:15 a.m. Eastern. So what happens to all those fans who are still waiting their turn? Disney says to keep yourselves connected online, and they’ll see you in the morning.

“Guests will remain in the queue overnight as long as they remain connected to the network and keep their browser windows open,” reads a message online from Disney World.

Though Disney World didn’t give any details about what happens to Guests who live where there are storms overnight and they lose their internet connection, we all know what that means. Lose your connection, lose your place in line. Good luck to all the fans out there tonight who are praying they don’t get disconnected between now and Friday morning!

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