Disney Star Who Turned to Porn Nominated for Award

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Former Disney child actor Dan Benson, who has made waves as an adult film performer, has been nominated for an industry-specific award.

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Disney stars have been known to have a difficult time while working with The Walt Disney Company. Disney is known to have exacting standards when it comes to the expectations the company has of its stars and actors. Many former Disney stars like Selena Gomez and Dove Cameron have spoken out about this.

dan benson wizards of waverly place

Dan Benson played Zeke Beakerman in ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ / Credit: Disney

Former Disney Star Dan Benson Nominated for Adult Film Entertainment Award

Different Disney stars respond to their experiences during their time with Disney differently. Some rebel to prove that they are past their Disney image. Others get tossed unceremoniously by a series of events into a career they’d never initially envisioned for themselves.

Former Wizards of Waverly Place star Dan Benson found a career in the adult entertainment industry after some women he’d been texting while acting on the show leaked some nude photos he sent them.

Since then, the porn star says this career has “changed his life,” and he’s reclaimed the inexcusable privacy breach he suffered.


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Now, per the latest news, it appears that Disney alum Dan Benson has become popular enough in his porn career that he’s even been nominated for an adult film award.

As he shared on his own Instagram and was reported on by Gent NewsBenson has been “nominated for a gong at the sixth annual Pornhub Awards.”

Benson is up against stars like Cherie DeVille, Emma Rose, and Ricky Johnson for a Fan-Voting trophy in the Social Media Personality category.

Benson responded humorously to the nomination writing, “Well this happened today. I am just a bit hurt I didn’t make the Big D*** category… LOL [just kidding] pleaseeeee vote for me. If I win I will donate $5,000 to charity. Not joking. If I lose I’ll still donate the money but still… just vote for me anyway.”


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Particularly notable when it comes to Benson’s Disney past is that Wizards of Waverly Place was recently renewed for a sequel featuring David Henrie returning as a lead and Selena Gomez returning as a guest star.

Of course, now that Benson is popular in adult entertainment, it’s practically impossible that Disney will invite him back to the series to reprise his role as Zeke Beakerman.

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