Disney Receives Significant Backlash for New R-Rated Children’s Book

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In a surprising announcement, 20th Century Studios, a formidable cinematic powerhouse under the wing of Disney, has announced the creation of a new children’s book.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic 1979 sci-fi masterpiece, Alien, they have unveiled a new children’s book entitled A Is for Alien: An ABC Book.

This imaginative publication has received a mixed response from some fans who find the book’s source material to be incredibly age-inappropriate.

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Alien over Disney

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Rated-R Film Becomes Inspiration for Disney Children’s Book

Rooted in the captivating universe first crafted by visionary director Ridley Scott, this ABC book aims to transport children and adults alike into the suspenseful world of the Alien movie.

In the book, each letter of the alphabet unveils a captivating aspect of the Alien universe, accompanied by imaginative illustrations that capture the essence of each concept.

From the menacing Xenomorph to the courageous Ellen Ripley, this exciting literary endeavor hopes to ignite the spark of curiosity in young minds while simultaneously igniting nostalgia in older fans who fondly remember the original film.

However, many people do not see the charm in this children’s book adaptation. In fact, the book is not receiving lots of backlash from fans concerned that the subject matter is inappropriate for children.


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Is ‘Alien’ Too Mature for Children?

Even the biggest Alien fans will be able to admit that the science fiction film is certainly not suitable for child audiences.

Because of this, many wonder why Disney would want to introduce the Alien film to child readers. The book, which is being published by Golden Books as part of the Little Golden Book series, ensures buyers that it will be completely appropriate for children to read. Regardless, many people still have their concerns.

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As of now, the A is for Alien book is set to release on July 9, 2024. The book will cost $5.99 and will be available at most major book retailers.

Will you be purchasing the A is for Alien book? Let us know in the comments! 

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  1. Alien was a ride in Magic Kingdom when I was young. Definitely horrifying and in the wrong park but it was a great ride. Are the books appropriate for babies or little kids, no but they are a novelty item for parents. Tons of the books in this series are the same.

  2. No one is forcing you to purchase it for your child. Don’t buy it if you’re concerned.

  3. Huh. If you don’t think is appropriate for your kid… Don’t get it for your kid. Problem solved.

  4. Back in my day, there were cartoons based on Rambo and RoboCop, but R rated movies. They just toned down the violence, profanity, and gore. This is no big deal.

    • I may by a little older than you 52. They made toys from the movie aired during Saturday morning cartoons and there was a Toxic Avenger cartoon plus Attack of the Killer Tomatoes for kids I think they just hate Disney

  5. They are only mad because it’s from Disney. I bet 99.9% of the people who complained, have no true idea what most kids get up to on TV or the internet.

  6. Disney sucks nowadays but what’s wrong with the book. I don’t see anything wrong with taking something and making a children’s book from it as long as there’s no r rated content in it so what’s the problem

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