A UFO Over Disney?! Fan Captures Mysterious Sight in the Sky Above Theme Park

Alien over Disney
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For the millions of Guests who enter through the gates of Disneyland Resort every year, the Parks offer a true taste of magic.

Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, is a world-renowned vacation destination that has captured the hearts of people of all ages. Founded by the visionary Walt Disney, the resort has become a symbol of imaginative dreams and enchantment. With its various Parks, hotels, and offerings, Disneyland Resort provides a truly unforgettable experience for every Guest. 

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Disney Is Magical… But Is It Supernatural?

Disneyland Park, the Resort’s initial offering, was established in 1955 in Anaheim, California. Walt Disney himself was deeply involved in its creation, bringing his imaginative ideas to life. This original Disneyland Park features to this day iconic attractions such as Main Street, U.S.A., Pirates of the Caribbean, and the beloved “it’s a small world” ride. As guests walk through the park, they are transported to a magical world filled with Disney characters and captivating stories.

There is no doubt about it: visiting the Disney Parks feels incredibly magical. There is something unexplainable that these Parks invoke in Guests. When you are at Disney, anything feels possible if you believe.

Perhaps this helps explain the imagination of one Guest who shared images of an extremely curious incident in the sky above Disneyland Resort.

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Credit: Disney

Guest Asks “Spaceship? UFO?”

Reddit user u/duece_precent_milk took to Reddit’s Disneyland page to share what they thought to be unusual activity in the skies above Disneyland Resort. In the post, the fan says;

“Spaceship? UFO? Plane? Superman? Tinker Bell?

Taken at around 7:30pm…”

Spaceship? UFO? Plane? Superman? Tinker Bell?
byu/duece_percent_milk inDisneyland

Alongside these words are pictures showing what appears to be a bright light in the sky. While the photo may look suspicious to those who believe in supernatural beings, one commenter provides a more likely explanation, citing a “Rocket launch from Vandenberg Air Force Base” as a more likely cause.

While this fan probably didn’t see a UFO, it is fun to imagine that it could have been!

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