Disney Character Refuses to Write Autograph for Guest on Her BIRTHDAY? Here’s What We Know

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When it comes to visiting Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort alike, some of the most exciting memories to be made come from meeting beloved characters.

In both Disney Resorts, professional character performers portray Disney characters, bringing them to life and creating magical memories. The Disney Princesses, such as Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), both the animated and live-action versions of Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and Princess Tiana are just some of the characters Guests can meet.


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Occasionally, the Disney Princesses and other Disney characters will wander around the theme park instead of staying in one spot for a meet-and-greet. But the rules can be different for different kinds of character interactions.

Recently, one influencer accused a Disney Princess of refusing to give her an autograph when she met her in the Disney Park, even though she was celebrating her birthday. However, there is likely more to the story than this.


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In this video, we can see Princess Jasmine interacting with the influencer and her children, greeting them as usual. However, as the influencer holds out her autograph book, Princess Jasmine pointedly avoids looking at it or moving toward it.

Instead, she looks toward the character attendant Cast Member, who steps in and refuses for her. If you look closely, you can see that the Cast Member also explains something to the influencer.

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While it’s not explained in the video, we know exactly what’s going on.

As stated earlier, the rules for character interactions are very specific and didn’t allow for an autograph in this case. Characters can only give autographs during meet-and-greet attractions, not while they’re simply walking around, as it gives other Guests unfair advantages.

However, Disney characters are also unable to outright refuse anything as it may ruin the magic, which is why the Cast Member stepped in.


Credit: Disney

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While the influencer claims that Princess Jasmine signed an autograph for another Guest right before this video was taken, it’s incredibly unlikely.

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