Magic Kingdom Dubbed “Filthy,” Surprisingly “Out of Date”

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Disney World, often hailed as “Most Magical Place on Earth,” is an iconic destination for families worldwide.

With its magical attractions, beloved characters, and immersive experiences, Disney World promises a memorable and enchanting visit. However, some Guests have raised concerns about cleanliness behind the pixie dust and enchantment facade.

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Walt Disney World is home to four theme parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. With all of this traffic heading to the Disney Parks, locations can get “dirty,” and outdated in the eyes of Guests. Disney works hard to keep its Parks clean.

One of the most critical aspects of cleanliness in any facility is the maintenance of restrooms. Disney World understands this and places significant emphasis on ensuring clean and well-stocked restroom facilities. Staff members regularly inspect and clean restrooms, restocking supplies as necessary. While it’s not impossible to encounter a temporary lapse in cleanliness due to high foot traffic, such instances are quickly addressed by the diligent custodial team.

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Despite Disney’s efforts, some visitors have voiced concerns about cleanliness standards within the park. A few complaints revolve around overcrowded trash cans, particularly during peak times, which can lead to an untidy appearance. Others have criticized the cleanliness of dining areas, citing issues like spills and unclean tables.

In a social media post, a Disney World Guest gave a full list about Disney no longer meeting “Disney” standards.

I’ll list some things that I noticed this time that I hadn’t before and that didn’t meet the Disney standard:

  1. The bathrooms in Magic Kingdom were filthy. Toilet paper all over the floor and trash cans over flowing.

  2. Gum all over the carpet and dust on everything in the queue for Test Track.

  3. A few rude cast members.

  4. Staff at Ohana openly complaining about their jobs.

  5. I understand some things will be dated, but the general wear and tear on some rides was very surprising to me.

  6. Genie Plus – while I loved that it let us ride so much, I didn’t love feeling like I was in a virtual scavenger hunt and having to be on my phone a good bit.

  7. Staff at the Polynesian very grumpy and rude. (I need to add that some were also wonderful there.)
Disney World Changes

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Disney World takes Guest feedback seriously and consistently seeks to improve its standards. If cleanliness issues are brought to their attention, the resort takes immediate action to address them. This could involve additional training for staff, adjustments to custodial schedules, or even redesigning certain processes to enhance efficiency.

While some Disney Park Guests will not be happy no matter what, it should be noted that Disney Cast Members work hard to make sure that the areas are clean and that Guests have a magical experience when visiting Walt Disney World Resort.

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