‘UNACCEPTABLE!”: Dirty Guests Leave Disney in Disarray

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This kind of behavior is absolutely shocking.

Every day, thousands of Guests walk through the Disney Parks and Resorts entrances. With a large number of Guests comes an equally large amount of trash and waste on Disney property. Luckily, Disney employs a superb staff of custodial Cast Members who help ensure that the Parks stay looking fresh and clean always. Disney prides itself on the cleanliness of their Parks; it is one of the main parts of the Cast Member training process.

However, Cast Members cannot possibly pick up every piece of trash left on the grounds of Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort’s massive properties. Despite the numerous trash cans located throughout the Resorts, Guests often do not throw away their litter and end up leaving it on the ground, causing unsightly and unhygienic conditions. This morning, Guests were horrified to see how unsightly a Disneyland Resort area was left by visitors.

Fantasyland at Disneyland

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Disneyland Resort Left an Absolute Mess

One Guest was shocked to see an unsightly scene when they parked their car at Disneyland Resort this morning. They explained;

“Good morning everyone! My wife and I are at the Disneyland resort this morning and parked on the Goofy level and we have seen an insane amount of trash everywhere in the parking structure. Lots of bags of food, cigarette butts, vapes, even a portable toilet bag. Does anyone know if something was going on last night? We know this isn’t how it normally is, and we are just concerned.”

Parking structures this morning
by u/AaronTheDort in Disneyland

The problem of trash in the Disney parking lot is not only an aesthetic issue but also poses a serious risk to the environment. The Walt Disney Company has always been committed to environmental stewardship, and the litter that Guests leave behind can harm flora and fauna in and around the parks. It is hard to imagine that Guests could be so disrespectful to the Parks property.

Who Could Do Such a Thing?

Immediately after this was posted on Reddit, fans started commenting their suspicions on who left the mess. Immediately, Guests started assuming that it was Grad nite patrons, which are high school graduates who are allowed to visit the Parks for special events. However, numerous Cast Members stepped into the comment section to confirm that this was not the Parking lot that the graduates used.

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Regardless of who was responsible, this behavior is unacceptable for any age. This is yet again another reminder that in order to keep the magic alive at Disney, we must all do our part to make sure that the Parks and Resorts stay clean and beautiful.

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