Disney’s Elite Cleanliness Fails With Overflowing Trash

Overflowing trash at Disney Resort

The Walt Disney Company is known to be a leader in many categories as the entertainment and theme park giant typically soars above its competitors. But, when one of Disney’s most paramount services fails, it doesn’t go unnoticed.

One of the stand-apart qualities of any Disney Park is its elite attention to detail. From constant repainting, maintenance repairs, and detailed cleaning, a Disney Park typically never looks like what you may find at an amusement Park outside of the Disney bubble.

But, it seems like more and more lately, Disney fans are spotting a lack of cleanliness at the Parks. We’ve seen overflowing trash cans at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park and Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort. Additionally, fans have complained about “deteriorating rides” and mold growth in unexpected places.

Disney's Overflowing Trash Cans

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And now it looks like one Disney Park, known for being one of the cleanest theme parks, is experiencing a glitch in its legendary cleanliness. An overflowing trash can at Toyko Disney Resort is going viral on social media as fans are shocked at the mound of trash piled high at the Park.

The photo was posted by @MKYTDR on Twitter with the translation noting, “The charter is amazing. Don’t you have a cleaning crew???”

The tweet has sparked a discussion, with fans wanting to know, “What is the cleaning crew doing?” Others point out, “Notice how clean the cobblestones and tabletops are.. so someone is cleaning, just not the trash can.”

Another comes to Disney’s defense by stating, “Don’t you just throw it in another trash can? This is a malicious way of throwing it away…” But should Guests be expected to find an emptier trash can, or should Disney Cast Members be responsible for ensuring the trash cans are regularly emptied to avoid such a scenario?

Tokyo Disney
Credit: Disney

Ultimately, we will say this is a rare sight at any Disney Park. The fact that a single overflowing Disney trash can goes viral so quickly is a great sign that this is not a normal sight at a Disney Park, especially Toyko Disney Resort. Nevertheless, it’s a failing moment that we hope Disney spots and works to avoid in the future.

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