Health Risk Spotted at Disney’s EPCOT

Maintenance issues at disney
Credit: Jill Bivins

Disney Parks have always been a cut above the rest. One of the things that sets Disney apart from other theme park destinations is its attention to detail. Guests expect a lot from Disney because Disney expects a lot from itself…at least until recently. Not long ago, we reported mold growing in several attractions at Walt Disney World (notably on “it’s a small world ” and Space Mountain) that led to Guests being disgusted. Now another issue has reared its head, this time at EPCOT.

Walt knew that the smallest things could add up to a big impression on Guests, and that is why he was so adamant about cleanliness. He famously cou two how many steps a person would take before throwing their trash on the ground. He ensured there were trash cans within that distance to keep the parks litter free. Cast Members are frequently told everyone is custodial- meaning if you see a mess, you clean a mess.

Lately, though, fans have noticed that the principal seems to be slipping around the parks. Overflowing trash cans, litter, and grime seem to be more common than before, as maintenance seems to take a back seat. Most recently, we noticed the ceiling and vents at Frozen Ever After at EPCOT have become caked in dirt and dust. Issues like this don’t happen overnight. It’s the product of a lack of cleaning over a significant period of time, proving that this attraction is in serious need of refurbishment. If it’s this dirty where Guests can see, we have to wonder, what’s it like in areas where they can’t? What exactly are they breathing in?

Health risk epcot

Credit: Disney Dining

This is much more than the vents simply being unsightly. It poses an actual health and safety risk. Allergy and asthma sufferers expect the parks to be safe for them. This sort of environment indoors can potentially prove just the opposite. Respiratory issues are hard to deal with and create serious complications for Guests. While not every circumstance can be prevented, Disney ought to be doing what it can to make sure they are taking care of easily avoidable health issues like this one.

Maintenance issues disney

Credit: Twitter/@ozborn82

This is part of an overarching theme we noticed at EPCOT and elsewhere in the parks. Not long ago, we reported that the pavement was cracked in the World Showcase. The damage from the collapsed facade on a Hollywood Studios building still hasn’t been repaired. We hope once all of the new construction projects are completed, Disney will go back to taking care of their old ones.

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