Disney’s Most Recent Mistake Has Fans Questioning Everything

Disney misquoted walt

Disneyland has had a rough time this year getting their facts (and signs) straight. With Disney100 Amping up to celebrate 100 years of the Walt Disney Company, one would think they would have brushed up on their history. The Disney100 celebration officially kicks off on January 27, and it looks like Disney is really rolling out the red carpet, so mistakes stand out a bit more than they usually would. 

Recently they received criticism for getting the opening date of one of their own attractions wrong. The esplanade banners lining the area between Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park pay tribute to classic attractions and their opening year. Except thru got the opening date of the Matterhorn Bobsleds wrong, claiming that it opened in 1955, the year Disneyland opened, when in fact it opened in 1959! 

 Now they have misquoted Walt Disney himself! Not only did they misquote him, but they also misquoted one of his most famous lines!  We are baffled at how Disneyland, of all places, the Park where Walt once walked, could misquote him, but here we are. 

Throughout Disneyland Park, you’ll find statues of iconic Disney characters (similar to the golden statues at Walt Disney World celebrating the resort’s 50th-anniversary anniversary). At Disneyland, these statues pay tribute to Disney Animation, Disney Parks, and Walt Disney himself. They even interact with your MagicBand+! 

One statue, however, has gotten attention for all the wrong reasons- Walt’s Iconic “I hope we never lose sight of one thing: that it was all started by a Mouse” quote is seemingly incorrect.  It reads, “It all started with a Mouse.”

Credit: Twitter/@thecalibae

 Same idea, not the same quote. In fact, it’s so close that it has Guests wondering, “that’s wrong…isn’t it? Or is it?” As one Twitter user pointed out when they asked if they were “trippin.”

Social media reacted harshly to the mistake, with some going as far as to say Disneyland is failing miserably:

Disney misquoted Walt Disney

Credit: Twitter/@ashalo1955

Others call it a Mandela Effect (we should add it to our list of Disney Mandela Effects):

Disney misquoted Walt disney

Credit: Twitter/@decoy_NDA

And some came to the statues defense: 

Disney quote tweet

Credit: Twitter/@hannahwheels1

There is some evidence to support the fact that this is not a fail and, in fact, has been a version used in the past. A postcard has circulated on social media with the quote used on the Disneyland statue. However, since everyone is more familiar with the original quote, this iteration feels off-putting. 

Disney misquoted Walt

Credit: Twitter/TangaroaJoel

Whether you side with team “this is a mistake” or team “eh, it’s not a big deal,” one thing is for sure Guests get very passionate about the Parks and Walt Disney. 


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