Disney Legend Trending on Social Media, Fans Fear the Worst

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In the age of social media, a lot of news is spread faster than ever before. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t discrepancies that come with this new practice.

Sometimes, learning news from social media can be like playing a big game of telephone. All it takes is one false source to create a world of rumors, doubt, and falsehoods. In short, it can be difficult to find out what’s really going on as soon as possible.

So, when someone of great renown or cultural importance is trending on social media, fans often rally and assume the worst, and for good reason. Often when a celebrity or public figure is trending, it’s because there’s bad news.

One of Disney’s Most Legendary Talents Trending on Twitter

james earl jones

Credit: D23, Christian Oh

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When James Earl Jones began trending on X (formerly known as Twitter), fans immediately panicked, and for good reason.

The renowned actor has provided the voice for some of Disney’s most powerful characters, such as Mufasa from the original Lion King (1994) film as well as the live-action Lion King (2019) remake, and none other than Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise.

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When Walt Disney Studios made Fantasia 2000 (1999), James Earl Jones was featured as one of the hosts. Not only that, but the Disney actor has also lent his voice to a few attractions in Walt Disney World and Disneyland alike.

In 2019, James Earl Jones was officially named a Disney Legend by the Walt Disney Company. In every sense of the word, Jones is a legendary Disney actor. But like most legends, he’s growing old.

This Disney Legend Has Lived a Long Life, Providing Amazing Performances Time and Time Again…

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Credit: Disney

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Born in 1931, James Earl Jones is in his early 90s. So, when he began trending on X this morning, there was a lot of worry to go around.

Fans began posting funny memes and jokes about their reactions to seeing the Disney star trending on the social media platform.

After all, the Disney Legend is one of the most beloved voice actors of a generation, and his death would cause an outcry of grief.

Fans Jumping to Conclusions Over Disney Star’s Death Scare

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Luckily, however, James Earl Jones wasn’t trending due to any scandals or emergencies. Instead, the actor was simply trending because, well, he’s just that beloved.

There’s no need to panic! James Earl Jones is alive and well. This was nothing but a death scare brought on by jumping to conclusions and overthinking.

It just goes to show that assuming the worst is rarely the way to go.

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