After Disney Refused to Cast Him, Johnny Depp Turns to a Competitor for Work

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Credit: Disney

Many names may come to mind when you think of iconic franchises from Walt Disney Studios. Many fan favorites include the historic and iconic Toy Story franchise, the nostalgic and belovedĀ High School MusicalĀ series, the hilariousĀ CarsĀ movies, or any of Marvel’s smash hit films. There is truly something for everyone at Disney, and it is part of the reason that the company has stayed in the public’s mind and hearts for the last century.

However, no list of Disney franchises could be complete without the forever iconicĀ Pirates of the Caribbean franchise being brought up. The five films premiered between 2003 and 2o17 and were international blockbuster hits. The franchise lives on in the Disney Parks, where the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and the Captain Jack Sparrow meet and greet remain fan-favorite activities.

Captain Jack Sparrow (johnny depp) in a noose, pirates of the caribbean

Credit: Disney

Johnny Depp: How Disney’s #1 Guy Became Disposable

It is not controversial to say that a big reason why theĀ Pirates of the CaribbeanĀ films succeeded as much as they did is the incredible performance by Johnny Depp. Despite being a part of so many incredible films, the actor is most often remembered for his performance of a lifetime as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for the actor and musician. Depp recently made worldwide news due to his legal battle with his ex-wife and fellow actor, Amber Heard. Leading up to their day in court, Depp was accused of domestic violence towards Heard. Because of these claims, many brands and studios severed ties with Depp.

Perhaps one of the most hurtful incidents came when Disney, who had profited billions off of Depp’s films, also decided to turn their back on the actor. Disney even went as far as to announce they are developing a sixth Pirates of the CaribbeanĀ film without Johnny Depp returning.

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Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) runs away in 'Pirates' franchise

Credit: Disney

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If You Mess With Depp, He’ll Work for Your Competitor…

Eventually, the public’s opinion of Depp drastically began to improve after the highly publicized court proceedings. Now, Johnny Depp is back in show business and ready to begin working. While many fans assumed that Depp would return to Disney after his image improved, it turns out that he instead is choosing to work for a competitor.

Johnny Puff: Secret Mission is the much-anticipated upcoming animated film produced by AK Entertainment and Melies Producciones. This thrilling adventure follows the lovable puffin, Johnny Puff, as he embarks on a daring secret mission to save his beloved village from the evil plans of villain Otto Von Walrus.

Voiced by the talented Johnny Depp, Johnny Puff takes on the role of a courageous guitar-playing puffin. Depp deciding to do a goofy, animated comedy, something that Disney has mastered over the years, with another company may just be enough to ruffle some feathers with executives. Check out the trailer below:

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The film is supposed to come sometime in late 2023 or early 2024, so fans will closely be watching out for that.

Will you be watching Johnny Puff: Secret Mission? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Didn’t he also do a guitar playing lizard in Rango?

  2. I’m sure Johnny Depp will be magnificent in his upcoming movie it doesn’t matter what he does he has the Golden touch.Mr Depp has that ability to create and portray any character or role he play s with the upmost Mark of excellence. Mr Depp is truly brilliant at his craft. He is flawless. And he is my most favorite actor ever and musician.

  3. Johnny DeppS ex wife set out to do what she wanted, she ruined her husband’s career, it seems out of pure jealousy. She is/was an opportunist. Amber Heard hoped being with Mr.Depp that it would promote her., when it didn’t she ruined him, by putting his personal business out there, televised for the world to see. No one will do Jack Sparrow like Mr Depp, heck Mr.Depp is Jack Sparrow. He has always been professional, never no acting out of sorts while filming, so no Disney did not stand by one of their talented best actors. Celebrities are people too, if this wasn’t a highly televised trial, no one would have known any of his personal business that I feel Amber Heard orchestrated from the beginning to ruin Mr.Depp. Disney you were wrong for this, he made you millions.


    • I hope Disney LOOSES as much or more money than it made with all of Johnny Depp’s films with them. First of all Disney owes Depp a BIG apology (as well those rats who ran away from an alleged sinking ship). Wala dilang UTANG NA LOOB”. Too bad people think Disney is a family-oriented company, nothing but petty money-grabbing scumbags over there. Only looking at profit sheets. I’m glad Depp has done this with a competitor. Nothing to stop him. Disney dropped him, not the other way around. Stick it up their ass šŸ¤¬šŸ¤¬šŸ¤¬

    • I totally agree with what you said. Johnny Depp is a very talented actor and musician. The best male actor in my opinion for his talent and dedication. I wish him the best for life and love.

  4. I am @ wild child turned sober with the love of the most high some 32 years ago .I been in and out of abuse and come full circle with it , my part but it never excuses abuse . A real heal to get well by taking a hard look within doing always the next best thing not needing so much So glad I get to have a safe life now ,myself sleeps sound so sad gold digging,loses love in the works Back to the days of poo .jonny be good ,if possible , get like more over yourself Jack me hearty .Amber I heard you need God more but your both still bueatiful and fortunate so get on with that real love stuff and over what ever the
    obsession spirits are that overshadow your truths. your gonna be ok .We don’t have to like if it starts to suck in the behavior department even if your really cute and good at acting or how much you aquire if you forget about humility and well-being inside some of us care more about that for you

    • Not recasting Johnny Depp as the bumbling pirate is a HUGE mistake! I for one will NOT be watching any further movies from this franchise. Casting Dwayne Johnson in place of Johnny Depp is laughable! I have nothing against Mr. Johnson and have enjoyed several of his movies. I just don’t think he’ll be convincing as Captain Jack Sparrow.

  5. Very unforgiveable that Diney made so much off Johnny Depp i love this name it brings sparks of excitement the moment i see or hear his name puffs of excitement i dare say whats not to love, ive only positive things to say because he has tested positive as well with his most loved fans and more, could their be racism in this choice Disney made

    • Nobody will watch pirates of the Caribbean if Johnny’s not in it. He made the show and his absences will break it.

  6. I believe fully that Amber Heard feeds on chaos ive been surrounded by these kind of people at one time, they never stop and she should get help for her condition and not go around like she owns every sad situation, she should aplogise and get on with it shes a nag nag nag

    • In my humble opinion, Dwayne Johnson will need to step up his acting and change the Jack Sparrow’s character to fit his style of acting. Unfortunately, he is NOT in Mr. Depp’s league and never will be, there’s a good chance the next Jack Sparrow movie will be a flop. I’ll always pay admission and/or buy Mr. Depp’s movies, but wait until Dwayne Johnson’s are televised. My family and I plan special outings to see Mr. Depp’s movies and catch a Dwayne movie on TV.

  7. Charles Bosselman

    Johnny Depp is the best performances ever on screen and off. Amber Heard ripped Johnny Depp off . She is a gold digger and always trouble maker. I’ll not watch any Disney movies ever again

  8. Disney is crazy for not casting Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow he has made billions for them I don’t think anyone can surpass him because anything that Johnny does is Gold . Maybe he will come up with something like the pirate movie and make billions

  9. Disney has made a big mistake treating Johnny the way they have. They made millions off of him. He IS Jack Sparrow!!!!!!!! I for one will not watch a pirate movie without Johnny. Where is their loyalty. Family oriented? That is a HUGH lie. Disney you owe Mr. Depp a big apology for your treatment of him.

  10. Are you all forgetting that after the trial it was depp’s fans who accidentally uncovered proof that Depp hit and kicked amber heard but was never put into evidence cause the judge deemed it not prudent to the case but was in court documents that fans had to pay for it to be released, hoping to find more dirt on amber but instead busted Johnny šŸ¤£

  11. Search for Depp punches film location manager …. search for depp drug use and drinking delaying production. Depp made the pirates success because he was living it. Promoting a cocain alcohol dope smoking actor who is volatile on set and who has attacked a crew member is more than sufficient reason to find another actor.. Amber won in British court where hospital records were allowed and showed the extent of injury.

  12. Angeline Williams

    If anybody followed the court trial. It was a joke she claimed he’d pulled her hair out. It was such a huge bunch of hair obviously cut otherwise the ends would be scraggy and you’ll see the roots her. Voice just goes through your head even i felt like slapping her how he stayed with her so long ill never know. He needed medal

  13. Disney you suck JOHNNY I LOVE YOU FOR EVER AN EVER lisasdepps

  14. He’ll ya if Johnny Depp is doing part I’ll watch it he is a very good actor Disney should have stood by his side till the end everyone new his ex was lying.