Disney ‘Influencer’ Who Ate Park Map and Licked Ticket Booth Hits a New Low

Disney influencer snorts Pedialyte

Influencers. That word is going to bring up some feelings. Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, one thing is for sure: they’ve gotten out of control. Every day it seems like someone else has done something so colossally ill-advised that we have to do a double take.

Castles have been climbed. Fireworks detonated. Pedialyte snorted … wait, what? Yes. You read that correctly. A Twitter User who goes by Jay (@aestheticpuppet) recently made waves with his Pedialyte “usage.”

Pedialyte is a handy tool to have in your “drink around the world” arsenal because dehydration is never any fun. But most people mix the hydration solution into a bottle of water. They don’t set up lines like it’s cocaine and snort it in full public view at one of the most visited theme parks in the world.

Disney Influencer

Credit: Twitter/@aestheticpuppet

That is just what Jay did, though. In a video that went…kinda viral…Jay is seen snorting lines of Pedialyte. The reaction to his stunt, however, has taken Twitter by storm.

Most of the tweets were along these lines (pun not intended):

Disney influencer snorts Pedialyte

Credit: Twitter/@dhancock110

Twitter users highly disapproved of the act, even though it wasn’t really drugs. The simulation of drug use is enough to want to sheild their children.

Disney influencer snorts Pedialyte

Credit: Twitter/@Dekholmes

Another blames this sort of behavior on the younger generation. The Tweeter called the behavior self-indulgent and selfish.

Disney twitter

Credit: Twitter/@the_cool_amanda

This isn’t the first time Jay has done an off-the-wall stunt for attention. This seems to be how he has decided to create a name for himself. He has also rather infamously ate a park map and, bafflingly, licked a pole at the EPCOT ticket booth. This seems to be how he has decided to create a name for himself. His Twitter profile is full of Re-tweets of people talking about him.

Jay showed no remorse for the stunt stating in a Tweet that all he does is “have fun with his friend.” He lashed out saying that he was upset with many of his detractors “for even existing.” In the tweet he referenced some of his other stunts.

Disney Influencer snorts Pedialyte

Credit: Twitter/@aaestheticpuppet

Why influencers seem to think Disney is an appropriate place to do disruptive, dangerous, or just plain dumb stunts is a mystery to me. As a bona fide Disney Adult, I’ll never say that Disney is for kids, but as a Disney mom, I will say Disney includes kids. Influencers need to remember this before they engage in inappropriate shenanigans in Disney Parks.



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