Disney Gets Rid of Annual Pass Virtual Queue

Disney Annual Pass

Disney World Annual Passes have been on sale for almost a week. That sentence alone is shocking to us. At Disneyland, Magic Keys sell out within hours. We fully expected a similar situation on the East Coast.

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Disney has limited how many Annual Passes it will sell. In the past, sales were basically unlimited. You could buy a Disney World Annual Pass anytime you wanted. After the pandemic, however, Disney said they had temporarily paused new Annual Pass sales. Since then, they have brought them back for very brief windows of time.

On April 20, 2023 Walt Disney World Annual Passes finally went back on sale! This means that once again Disney’s most loyal guests can access Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom when they liked. With the water parks upgrade, they can access Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon anytime they like as well.

Disney fans flooded the website the day Annual Passes went back on sale. In fact, so many flocked to the site to but that the website crashed more than once. Many waited in a virtual queue for hours to buy their Pass, with some saying they’d waited more than 5 hours.

Disney Annual Pass

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Disney didn’t announce whether the passes would be limited or not until the day they went on sale. Midway through the day they updated the website to say that due to overwhelming demand, they expected some or all pass types to become unavailable. However, nearly a week in all Pass levels remain available.

Disney Annual pass

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At the time of this writing, not only can you still buy your Disney World Annual Pass but you can do so without a long wait. After the initial rush died down, Disney removed the virtual queue requirement to buy. When we checked the website, we were able to add an Annual Pass to our cart with no wait. This is great news for anyone unable to buy their Pass last Thursday.

Even though the initial surge to buy passes has died down, you won’t want to delay if a you plan to become a Disney World Annual Passholder. No one knows just how many passes have been bought or how many are left available. If you wait, there is no guarantee you’ll be able to make your purchase.You cab purchas online on your My Disney Experience account, at any Disney Park or Disney Springs.


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