Goodbye Creepy Screen Faces! Disney’s First Look at Frozen Ever After’s BRAND NEW Animatronics

anna looking excited (left), Elsa looking confused (right), Frozen Fever
Credit: Disney

Even after nearly ten years, EPCOT’s Frozen Ever After attraction remains one of the most popular rides in the theme park, with consistently high wait times. In fact, the Norway Pavilion attraction is so beloved that Hong Kong Disneyland is receiving its own version.

But anyone who’s experienced the original Frozen Ever After ride can tell you that its most major issue lies with the use of screen/projection-faced animatronics.

Frozen Ever After Is a Modern Classic…With One HUGE Drawback…

EPCOT's Frozen Ever After, Elsa (left) and Anna (right) animatronics, Olaf (right) animatronics

Credit: Disney

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While projection-faced animatronics seemed to be the major update for modern Disney Park rides, it seems that in a short amount of time, they’ve already begun to age poorly.

While it seems that Walt Disney Imagineering wanted to experiment and find better lip-synching options for animatronics, it seems that fans are willing to trade lip-synching if it means getting rid of screen-faced animatronics.

Although Walt Disney Imagineering’s intentions were to create a more seamless look, these animatronics have turned out to be anything but.

When Screen-Faced Animatronics Malfunction, the Result Is…Frightening, to Say the Least…

world of frozen concept art (background), anna and elsa (front)

Credit: Disney, Canva

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When traditional animatronics malfunction, they simply stop moving, resembling that of a puppet or a sculpture instead of an animatronic. This can come off as clunky or disappointing, but it’s far better than the alternative. Because once a projection-faced animatronic malfunctions, the result is downright terrifying.

The projections either go completely dark, leaving a faceless mannequin in its wake, or they malfunction in different ways, creating a character with a computer error screen for a face.

Not only that, but the inconsistencies between the face and the body of the animatronic are glaringly obvious, ruining the magic and the illusion of the Disney ride.

The Walt Disney Company Has Finally Heard Fans’ Prayers!

Queen Elsa (left), Anna (middle), Sven the Reindeer (middle), Kristoff (right)

Credit: Disney

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As it turns out, most fans prefer the classic audio-animatronic style, and would take the clunky malfunctions over the terrifying ones. It would seem that the Walt Disney Company has finally heard fans’ prayers, as Frozen Ever After will be receiving upgraded, traditional animatronics.

Hong Kong Disneyland is preparing to open Arendelle: World of Frozen, its newest theme park area.

Arendelle: World of Frozen to Debut Soon, With Traditional Animatronics!

hong kong disneyland world of frozen concept art queen elsa's ice palace

Credit: Disney

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Throughout this theme park area, guests will be able to spot some of their favorite landmarks from Frozen (2013) and Frozen II (2019), such as Elsa’s Ice Palace, Arendelle Castle, and the North Mountain. This entirely new area will also feature new attractions, such as Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs, Playhouse in the Woods, and its very own Frozen Ever After.

But the biggest difference between Walt Disney World’s Frozen ride and Hong Kong Disneyland’s version is the use of traditional audio-animatronics.

Disney recently shared the first look at Anna, Kristoff, and Elsa’s ground-breaking animatronics, and they’re nothing short of extraordinary:

Hong Kong Disneyland’s Arendelle: World of Frozen area will debut on November 20.

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