As Screens Grow More Prominent, Fans Wonder About the State of Current Animatronics

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From Walt Disney World to Universal Orlando Resort, the use of screens and animatronics is something that is ever-evolving. When creating both dark rides and roller coaster attractions, the unique combinations of screens and animatronics alike are utilized for the intended effect.

However, fans definitely prefer one medium over the other, and it’s not the medium that’s winning.

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As theme parks such as Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure lean towards the use of screens, abandoning animatronics, fans begin to grow worried.

As it turns out, all of the hard work and enthusiasm that goes into bringing an animatronic to life will always be more impressive to fans than the use of a screen. A practical effect will always dazzle Guests more than a screen.

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But as far as theme parks are concerned, animatronics are expensive to build and difficult to maintain. It doesn’t take long for them to fall apart and break down, growing outdated much quicker than any screen.

Fans are aware of this, and they’re so worried that they’ve begun asking each other for updates on beloved animatronics in Universal Orlando Resort:

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In this Reddit post, one anonymous fan asks recent Guests about the status of two classic animatronics: Imhotep from Universal Studios’ Revenge of the Mummy attraction, and the Ultrasaurus from Islands of Adventure’s Jurassic Park River Adventure attraction.

Unfortunately, it seems that Jurassic Park River Adventure’s Ultrasaurus may be down for the count for good (or should we say extinct?), while the Imhotep animatronic is more touch and go.

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Credit: Jeremy Thompson, Flickr

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Will Universal give these classic effects the TLC they desperately need? We can’t say for sure, but we do know that fans are practically begging for it.

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