Universal’s Newest Attraction Already Receiving Game Changing Update

illumination villain-con minion blast
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In October of 2021, fans of the Shrek 4 D attraction received devastating news: the torture would come to an end.

Less than six months later, in January of 2022, Shrek 4D was closed forever after establishing itself as one of Universal Studios Florida’s most iconic rides.

Needless to say, whatever attraction would be replacing Shrek 4 D would need to be something Guests would immediately love. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Shrek Meet and Greet

Credit: Universal

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Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast attraction recently experienced its soft opening, meaning the attraction isn’t entirely open to the public just yet. That being said, the general public can still experience this attraction.

The attraction operates like a classic shoot-em-up style ride, such as Magic Kingdom’s Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin or Universal Studios Florida’s Men In Black attraction. However, there are a few unique twists for Villain-Con Minion Blast.

Minion land

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For one, Guests are on a moving walkway instead of sitting in a ride vehicle. For another, Guests must synch up the official Universal Orlando Resort app on their smartphones to the attraction’s laser guns in order to receive their scores. Or at least, they will once this aspect of the attraction is functioning, as it’s currently still being tested.

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If you’re wondering how this attraction’s reception and operation will fare in the long run, you’re not alone. It seems that all anyone can do is point out its glaring flaws.

That being said, the app functionality for this attraction will be debuting soon on August 4:

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Are you excited about this new attraction’s diabolical fun? Or did you prefer Shrek 4 D?

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