New Changes Make Universal a MASSIVE Threat to Walt Disney World

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When it comes to theme Parks in the United States, two names have established themselves as the best of the best: Disney and Universal.

For decades, these two companies have consistently tried to one-up each other when it comes to providing the best possible theme Park experience. The friendly feud between these Parks and their fans has been a fun way for fans to compare the different elements between the two Parks.

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While Universal does have some incredible parts, most notably the Harry Potter world, most fans believe that when it comes to overall theming and offerings, Disney reigns supreme. This is especially true when comparing Universal Orlando and its neighbor, Walt Disney World. However, a new offering coming to Universal Orlando may change that.

Iconic Theme Park Rivalry Reaches New Climax

The main thing that Walt Disney World Resort has over Universal Orlando is its size. Walt Disney World has four massive theme Parks to enjoy, each complete with dozens of attractions. Disney World is also constantly adding new and exciting projects to their Parks that keep fans coming back for more.

However, Universal has just announced something that may level them with Disney. It has just been announced that Universal Orlando Resort is set to welcome a new addition to its already impressive lineup of theme parks. Universal is working on a DreamWorks Animation-themed Park that has fans freaking out with excitement.

Look-Out Disney: Universal Announces New Dreamworks Animation Land Opening in 2024

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Could New Universal Park Put the Pressure on Disney?

Disney fans have been begging for a fifth Park at Walt Disney World Resort for years. Seeing the Universal Theme Park get such a big expansion is enough to make some fans wonder if soon the Parks will be equal in size. Many wonder if this expansion could put some pressure on Disney to finally introduce a fifth Park or a new land to the Central Florida location.

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It is clear that Universal is going to be working hard to establish itself as a true equal to Disney. It will be fascinating to see how it all plays out in the long run as construction begins.

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