Beloved Disney World Animatronic No Longer Working

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Credit: Disney, Canva

Walt Disney World is made up of four theme parks, two water parks, a handful of Resort hotels, and one massive shopping center.

Every aspect of the huge Resort has its place, and everything fits together. So, whenever something changes, it’s incredibly noticeable to frequent visitors and huge fans of Walt Disney World.

na'vi river journey shaman

Credit: Jeremy Thompson, Flickr

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Between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, there are tons of animatronic figures that fans love.

Animatronics such as Animal Kingdom’s Shaman in the Na’vi River Journey, Magic Kingdom’s Ariel in Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, and many more add to the magic of Disney.

rainforest cafe

Credit: Disney

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However, audio-animatronics aren’t found only in the theme parks of Walt Disney World. Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney) is also home to dozens of animatronics.

Whether visiting T-Rex Cafe or Rainforest Cafe, Guests can dine in immersive environments, surrounded entirely by animatronic figures and timed events (an extinction event in T-Rex Cafe and a thunderstorm in Rainforest Cafe).

However, one of the most interactive animatronics of Rainforest Cafe is no longer working.

tracy tree at rainforest cafe

Credit: highlander411 on Flickr

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Tracy Tree is an animatronic tree that resides in the restaurant’s gift shop. Occasionally, an audio track plays as Tracy Tree shares fun facts about the rainforest.

Usually, Tracy Tree’s eyes and mouth move along with the audio. However, upon recently visiting Rainforest Cafe in Disney Springs, we at Disney Dining noticed that Tracy Tree remained totally static as the audio track played.

gorilla animatronic at animal kingdom's rainforest cafe

Credit: marada on Flickr

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Considering the state of all Rainforest Cafe animatronics, we can assume that Tracy Tree will not get refurbishments anytime soon.

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