Disney Debate Ignites Around Restricting Young Children From Theme Parks

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There is no doubt about it–Disney Parks are beautiful and magical places for children to enjoy. The immersive atmosphere and interactive elements make it a dream for most children.

Since the beginning, both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort have been created with children in mind. As time passed, the parks eventually became more geared toward adults.

Now, some guests are wondering if the parks are even suitable for young children.

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Some Disney Fans Call for Age Restrictions in the Parks

If you have visited a Disney park before, you might have noticed many children there. After all, Disney does gear a lot of its content toward children.

Most of Disney’s movies and characters are designed for children to enjoy first and foremost. Plus, the parks offer many character meet and greets, dance parties, and children-only activities.

However, we have recently seen more and more parts of Disney being geared toward adult guests.

Whether it be the increasing alcoholic drink options or all of the Star Wars and Marvel additions to the parks, it’s clear that Disney is not just for kids. Some guests believe young guests should not be coming to the parks at all.

Social Media Debates

One parent made a post on Reddit discussing taking their 2-year-old child to Walt Disney World Resort, but not the parks. This ignited a discussion as to how young is too young for Disney.

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One user replied, saying:

“If you don’t want to go to the parks then don’t go, she’s 2 she won’t even remember any of it, just take her for her 3rd or 4th birthday.”

Some users agreed with this point. After all, no infant or young toddler will likely remember the experience of Disney when they are an adult. Walt Disney World can also be very expensive and often overstimulating for a young child.

However, some guests disagree with having no young children in the parks. These guests believe it is more about the memory for the parents to look back on.

One user says:

“I definitely remember the magic on our toddlers’ faces when we took them. They think it’s amazing and it’s so fun to watch them experience the magic….and it’s nice to get them in before you have to start paying for their ticket lol”

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There are definitely valid points on either side.

At the end of the day, when a parent chooses to bring their child to the parks, it should be their decision entirely. Yes, crying infants can be annoying, but that is just part of the territory at a theme park.

What age do you think is appropriate for Disney? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I believe you should be able to take a child at the earliest age that the parents feel comfortable.I took my granddaughter to the Magic Kingdom shortly after her second birthday last year. I wanted to take her before she turns three because I am not sure I will be able to afford a ticket for her, myself and daughter the way that ticket prices are increasing. I feel that having to pay once a child reaches the age of three is ridiculous. Payment age should start no earlier than five.

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