After Disney Quietly Banned Sacred Guest Tradition, Competitors Quickly Adopt Practice

Donald Duck Banned
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According to reports, Disney Cruise Line has taken the unexpected decision to prohibit a beloved and widespread tradition among guests aboard their magical cruise ships. This news has come as a shock to many dedicated Disney Cruise Line fans who have cherished this hobby for years.

Now, in the wake of the hobby’s removal, other cruise line competitors have happily swooped in and adopted the tradition.

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The Death of a Beloved Tradition

The tradition of hiding rubber ducks on Disney cruise ships has captured the hearts of guests of all ages. Many families would bring their own small rubber duckies from home in hopes of partaking in this tradition.

Long cherished by many, the rubber duck pastime has added an extra element of joy and excitement to the cruising experience, allowing guests to engage in a delightful game of hide-and-seek with these adorable little creatures. The thrill of finding a hidden duck in unexpected places, such as in public areas or even within the confines of guests’ staterooms, added an element of mystery and surprise to the vacation experience.

However, in an effort to uphold their commitment to safety and maintain the pristine condition of their ships, Disney has implemented this new rule.

According to MDJ news, a customer service representative from PlanDisney confirmed that rubber ducks are not to be hidden on board anymore. They state:

“‘I was advised that guests cannot hide things, such as rubber ducks in staterooms or public areas on the ship,’ Adrianna, an official panelist on the site answered.”

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A Controversial Decision

In the wake of this news, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, a major competitor of Disney, has reiterated their acceptance of this tradition. It has been reported that “Royal Caribbean also allows passengers to hide ducks as long as they are in public areas.”

While this decision by Disney Cruise Line may come as a disappointment to some devoted fans of the tradition, it is important to understand the rationale behind it. With the extensive use of social media and online platforms, the popularity of hiding ducks on the ships had reached unprecedented levels.

This widespread participation began to pose challenges for the crew members in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the ships, which are essential to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable cruising experience for all guests.

Disney has a long-standing reputation for its unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and safety across all aspects of their operation. By implementing this ban on hiding small rubber ducks, they aim to ensure that all public areas and staterooms on their cruise ships remain pristine and free from any potential debris or hazards.

This decision reflects their dedication to providing a top-notch experience for their guests while also safeguarding the well-being of crew members responsible for keeping the ships impeccably clean.

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While the prohibition of hiding rubber ducks may initially be met with a sense of disappointment, it is crucial to remember that there are still countless other magical experiences to be had on a Disney cruise.

From the enchanting moments with beloved Disney characters to the awe-inspiring entertainment and the sheer beauty of the cruise ships themselves, the Disney Cruise Line offers a truly unparalleled vacation experience.

Looks like the only duck on board from now on will be Donald!

Have you ever seen rubber ducks while vacationing with the Disney Cruise Line? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Another example of the Disney magic being snuffed out. Walt is rolling in his proverbial grave over so much of this bologna that is going on today all in the name of “safety” or being “pristine” or a few other choice words. This continues to come from the top that once (we thought) understood the values and direction that Walt himself would have wanted. It continues now that they don’t on many levels, and this is another hit to the patrons and guests that, they really don’t mean a thing as long as the heads can just keep collecting another buck. Shame.

  2. We were on the Dream last month and youtubers and travel agencies are hiding ducks and advertising their websites and products on the ducks. They probably ruined it.

  3. Much ado about nothing. Disney his hyper themed and this duck hiding doesn’t really go along with theming. And people are using them to advertise.

  4. Iger’s just afraid that someone will get something on their vacation that he didn’t make a buck on. Had very limited interest in their overpriced cruises, now reduced to zero, not because I care that much about ducks, but I don’t support companies that would steal fun from children. Shame on you, Disney.

  5. I don’t see Disney doing this without a good reason. Something caused it.

  6. Disney seems to be sucking the joy out of everything lately!

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