Massive Change in Leadership Announced for the Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company
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A massive change in leadership has just taken place at the Walt Disney Company.

Disney, the beloved entertainment company known for its magical stories, has recently appointed Tinisha Agramonte as its Chief Diversity Officer. This is a significant step towards fostering an inclusive and equitable environment within the organization. With her extensive expertise and experience in the diversity and inclusion space, Agramonte is well-equipped to lead Disney’s efforts in creating a welcoming environment for employees from all backgrounds.


Credit: Disney

A Shift in Power

As the Chief Diversity Officer, Agramonte will play a crucial role in developing and implementing strategies that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) throughout the company. This appointment showcases Disney’s commitment to cultivating a diverse workforce and ensuring equitable access to opportunities for all its employees.

Agramonte’s appointment comes at a time when organizations across various industries are recognizing the importance of DEI in creating successful and sustainable environments. By leveraging her vast knowledge and understanding of diversity issues, she will work towards strengthening Disney’s position as a leader in fostering inclusivity and representing a wide range of voices and experiences.

Having served in DEI positions in the past, Agramonte brings a wealth of experience in driving DEI initiatives. Her deep understanding of the importance of DEI in creating impactful storytelling will undoubtedly contribute to the expansion of Disney’s creative and cultural reach. Through her leadership, Agramonte will ensure that Disney’s content continues to resonate with audiences worldwide, showcasing the collective strengths of diverse talent.

Just last year, Agranonte joined the Walt Disney Company as vice president of DEI talent outreach & development for the Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products division. Her success in this role made her a perfect fit for this promotion.

She will replace Latondra Newton, who left the position in June.

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Credit: Disney

A Bright Future for Disney!

Furthermore, Agramonte’s appointment aligns with Disney’s commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. By championing diversity and inclusion, Disney aims to not only reflect the diverse experiences of its audience but also set an example for other organizations in the entertainment industry.

In her role as Chief Diversity Officer, Agramonte will collaborate with various departments across Disney, including the senior leadership team, human resources, and talent outreach. Together, they will work towards fostering environments that prioritize diversity and inclusion, which will ultimately contribute to the continued success of the company.

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This appointment highlights the importance of diversity in senior leadership positions. By appointing Agramonte as the Chief Diversity Officer, Disney demonstrates its dedication to creating a more inclusive workplace from top to bottom. Agramonte’s expertise and commitment to equity will undoubtedly drive positive change within the organization, making Disney an even more welcoming and diverse company.

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  1. The interesting part about diversity and inclusion is that they are neither. I don’t want anyone hired because of their color religion or sexual preference. I want someone hired because they are by far the best person for the job.

  2. I agree with Randi. It should always be the best fit for the position no matter what sex, color or religion.


    • George you must be kidding “ Get the stock back up to $100 ps. That’s still $100 less then what it was just a few yrs ago the shares were going for $196 per share before they got involved in DEI and all these other woke agendas that’s tanking the company. As a substantial shareholder Disney needs to realise there mistakes and correct them . And this is in the wrong direction.

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