Disney Adult’s Crying Now ENCOURAGED in the Disney Parks

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Talk about a tear-jerker!

It looks like Disney has concocted their newest form of entertainment by introducing alcoholic beverages alongside songs invoking heartbreak and loss. And no… we aren’t kidding.

In the past several years, it has become more and more evident that the Disney Parks are not just for children. As the times have changed, Disney has begun marketing many of their attractions and offerings towards their adult fans. Let’s be honest; Disney films have always had subtle jokes and humor geared toward the parents, but now, it seems that the “Disney Adult” demographic has become one of the company’s prime costumers.

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New Entertainment Promises to Deliver Tears

Earlier today, Walt Disney World Resort revealed more information about their newest nighttime spectacular coming to EPCOT. This new show, Luminous: The Symphony of Us, is set to be a spectacular show. Disney’s announcement today gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at how the music for this new show came together in the recording studio. From the first taste, it looks like the show’s medley will truly be a tear-jerker.

Luminous The Symphony of Us will soon take center stage with its exceptional medley that embraces the emotions of Disney’s most poignant and heart-wrenching songs. A tantalizing blend of musical mastery and innovative entertainment may just up the bar for live performances at EPCOT. Evoking a touch of bittersweet nostalgia, this groundbreaking production’s score introduces a unique twist by intertwining the themes of some of Disney’s more melancholy songs.

EPCOT Luminous

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Disney is no stranger to crafting heartbreaking ballads. Over the years, many songs have left fans feeling shattered. Instead of straying away from these emotional songs, this show will embrace these feelings. According to the release made earlier today, this show’s score will invoke similar feelings to that of “When She Loved Me,” “Remember Me,” and “Into the Unknown.” Disney says;

“Inevitably in life, we experience the quiet loneliness of loss, but as “When She Loved Me” and “Remember Me” brings us “Into the Unknown,” the echoes of those around us reminds us that we’re never truly alone.”

Emotional Statement Causes Reaction From Fans

Many fans found this statement to be incredibly moving and also quite heartbreaking. Themes of loss and heartbreak are not typically found in entertainment designed for children. Fans can expect that this show’s original song and original composition is probably going to be pretty emotional for fans.

The particularly interesting thing about EPCOT is that it is also a park known for its alcoholic offerings. Of all the Disney theme parks, EPCOT is the one that most fans think of as being geared toward adults. Many see the potential concoction of adult beverages and sad music to be potentially disastrous.

Luminous The Symphony of Us dares to push artistic boundaries, inviting us to embrace the beauty in life’s most melancholic moments. It encourages us to celebrate the inherent complexity of our human experience and find solace in shared sorrows.

Whether you’ll be enjoying this Disney live entertainment with or without an alcoholic beverage, it is clear that this fireworks performance at the World Showcase lagoon will be a tear-jerker for the ages when it premiers on December 5.

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