Despite $500 Million Value, Disney Shareholder Nelson Peltz Wants More, Maybe Even Bob Iger’s Job

Despite $500 Million Value, Disney Shareholder Nelson Peltz Wants More, Maybe Even Bob Iger’s Job
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Disney shares have seen a strong bounce back over the last few weeks. Fresh off of a fortifying announcement surrounding diverse investments into Epic Games, park expansion, and a new partnership to strengthen ESPN and introduce their own sports streaming service, most investors are satisfied, except one, Nelson Peltz.

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Disney investors have successfully rallied around the company lately, according to Variety. Exciting news revealed by Disney CEO Bob Iger during their February 7 earnings call showed promise after a challenging year for the Walt Disney Company. Following a line of solid and well-diverse initiatives from Disney’s CEO, share prices took a 16% leap at the New York Stock Exchange, citing excitement from investment firms and hedge managers.

Still, Nelson Peltz, founding partner of the alternative investment management fund Trian Partners, based in New York, alongside Peter W. May and Edward P. Garden, is not optimistic.

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For several reasons, Nelson Peltz, the activist investor and the CEO of Trian Fund Management, has been vocal about his concerns and frustrations with Disney. One of the main issues that Nelson Peltz has raised is the company’s performance and strategic direction.

Peltz believes that Disney’s management has not been effectively addressing the company’s challenges, such as the impact of digital disruption on its traditional business models. He has also criticized Disney for its high spending and acquisitions, which he believes have not always benefited the company’s bottom line.

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Additionally, Peltz has expressed concerns about Disney’s corporate governance practices, including the lack of independent directors on the Disney board and what he perceives as a lack of transparency in decision-making processes.

Despite Disney shares being up 16% this February, increasing Trian’s holding by $500 million, Peltz remains loudly opposed to what the current Disney administration is doing, penning a letter to investors on Valentine’s Day comparing CEO Bob Iger’s competitive market strategy to “throwing spaghetti at the wall.”

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Ultimately, according to Variety, Peltz is waging his proxy battle with Disney in an effort to gain a seat as a board director alongside ex-Disney CFO Jay Rasulo.

Much like a politician, Peltz has been hard at work placing earworms in the canals of shareholders. Interestingly enough, the timing lends itself to the idea of a power grab, as voting for director spots will take place in a few short weeks during Disney’s shareholder meeting on April 3.

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However, there is another interesting comment that Nelson Peltz has verbalized during suspicion regarding the overall financial health of the Walt Disney Company. He’s growing concerned that the global institution has not named a successor for Bob Iger, who is slated to step down from the role of CEO in 2026.

Peltz cites the need to name a successor following comments made by Iger in November, which assured stakeholders that “the succession process at Disney is robust right now” and “We’re aggressively pursuing succession.”

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Still, regarding Disney’s recent jump in price, Peltz remains unsold on the strategic announcements surrounding Epic Games and a sports streaming partnership with Fox and Warner Bros. In his “love letter,” Nelson Peltz claimed that the deal with Epic Games, “lacks a product roadmap or expected return targets” and that their streaming service efforts in sports will “likely confused consumers, surprised important content partners and competes with the company’s own services.”

Peltz may be right regarding the proposed streaming service, as the Justice Department has already promised to scrutinize the finalized deal, with concerns that it creates an unfair market for competitors.

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Overall, Nelson Peltz’s frustration with Disney stems from his belief that the company is not maximizing its potential and creating long-term value for shareholders. Some of this is grounded in a challenging 2023 cycle for the Walt Disney Company.
As Bob Iger continues his crusade to make Disney+ competitive with Netflix and Apple, box office numbers and domestic park earnings have all taken a hit post-COVID.

For Nelson Peltz, as an activist investor, he is pushing for changes to be made to improve Disney’s performance and competitiveness in the market. However, his comments regarding Disney’s CEO seat, and apparent push to make Director could mean that he wants to follow Iger as the next big man in charge of the House of Mouse.

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