Disney Announces Monumental $1.5 Billion Dollar Investment Into Epic Games

is mickey mouse coming to fortnite
Credit: Walt Disney Company/ Epic Games

Video Game fans get excited! Epic Games, the popular owner of Fortnite and Rocket League, is expecting a long-term infusion of cash from none other than the Walt Disney Company.

Jack Skellington Epic Games Fortnite

Credit: Disney/ Epic Games

Although a partnership has existed previously between the two companies, CEO Bob Iger spilled the beans on a a huge investment that Disney will be making, taking a stake in Epic Games, cementing their video game partnership for years to come.

The popular gaming experience has worked with Disney previously to bring big names from Star Wars, Marvel, and even Jack Skellington to life, but moving forward, Disney will be a much more prevalent feature in the Battle Royale feature.

As the newest season of Fortnite has cemented many exciting collabs moving forward, including Rocket League (owned by Epic Games), Fornite Festival, and LEGO Fortnite, despite outward appearances, a large-scale partnership between the two isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds.

Disney epic games star wars

Credit: Epic Games/ Disney

Taking advantage of a significant opportunity in the gaming business, Disney has announced, as part of their quarterly earnings call, that they will be injecting a whopping $1.5 billion into the Unreal Engine-based Fortnite moving forward.

Although not necessarily ground-breaking news, the investment represents a large-scale shift in Dsiney’s portfolio. Although previous games featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and other famous Disney characters have made their presence in the gaming community, owning a stake in Fortnite, arguably the most competitive and popular video game environment, will help diversify Disney’s already exhaustive portfolio.

Among news of a sequel to Moana and much more, The Walt Disney Company has made it clear that they are dedicated to bringing the magic of Disney through a partnership between Disney CEO Bob Iger and Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney.

Jedi Survivor EA

Credit: Electronic Arts

Interestingly enough, Fortnite won’t be the only area of focus for Disney and Epic Games. CNBC states, “the media giant will work with the Fortnite gaming studio on new games and an entertainment universe.”

As Fortnite has seen an expansion in its current gaming offering, an entertainment universe feels right up their alley as the game evolves, especially considering the amount of intellectual property that The Walt Disney Company owns.

As The Walt Disney Company continues its march towards an evolving business, it seems that Bob Iger is very much aware of the lucrative and promotional availbility regarding a partnership of this magnitude with Epic Games. Whether it be Fortnite, an entertainment universe that includes new gaming experiences, there’s much to look forward to for fans of older games such as Disney Epic Mickey or Kingdom Hearts.

With the accompaniment of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, properties such as Marvel and Star Wars, the ability to create new and amazing worlds, as seen by Portkey Games’ 2023 release of Hogwarts Legacy, is now a real possibility for Disney.

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  1. That sounds good. Us Disney had another video games that we had to buy characters then we had to buy the power disk that did other things. Then after all that. BANG. they did away with the on line part so that left us wit h a new Wii. I purchas and allTHE ACCESSORIES.

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