Disney Store Returns to Fans Across North America After a Nearly Seven-Year Hiatus

disney store glendale california
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The Disney Store has finally returned to Disney fans across North America following a nearly seven-year hiatus.

Iger’s Era: No More Disney StoreĀ 

For North American Disney fans who love everything about Disney, Disney stories, Disney films, characters, colors, merchandise, and the like, September 15, 2021, became a dreaded date.

disney store

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By mid-September 2021, most Disney Stores across the continent were closed, per an announcement from Disney in March 2020.

Only 25 stores were reported to have made the cut–that is, to have remained as they were–for the time being. Even the original Disney Store, located in Glendale, California, isn’t safe from the clearing out of the fan-favorite Disney-themed locations and was among the dozens of casualties once the hammer fell and the majority of Disney’s beloved retail chain stores were gone.

Disney Store - Glendale - D23

Disney Store in Glendale, California/Credit: D23

But even before Disney began scrapping Disney Stores in North America, The Walt Disney Company–under Bob Iger’s administration–made the online version of the store, DisneyStore.com, a thing of the past, replacing it with a rebranding and calling Disney’s online store shopDisney.com.

In March 2020, when Disney announced it would be closing at least 60 of its retail stores in North America, the company said it would be focusing its time, attention, and energy on the online retail site, but for many fans who looked at brick-and-mortar Disney Store locations as their escape between Disney Parks pilgrimages, the news was hard to hear.

mickey and minnie outside disney store

Credit: Disney/ Canva

The Beloved Disney Space Returns!

Earlier this month, Disney announced yet another change, which went into effect overnight on Tuesday.

Disney fans were surprised–and many were thrilled–to go online on Wednesday morning and find that shopDisney.com, which has been in place since 2017, had been rebranded to DisneyStore.com.

shopdisney.com changes to

Credit: DisneyStore.com/Screenshot

Overnight, as the transformation took place, Mickey was already on the site, teasing a new “magic” coming “in just a few hours” and redirecting fans to DisneyStore.com when they typed “shopDisney.com” in the search bar.

mickey mouse disneystore.com

Credit: DisneyStore.com/Screenshot

Beginning on Wednesday, shopDisney.com is no more, but in case you forget, don’t worry. Thanks to pixie dust and the modern marvels of technology–you’ll be directed to DisneyStore.com!

Will the return of the Disney Store change the way you shop? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. PEOPLE PEOPLE….The brick and mortar stores are not back. It is a rebranding of the online Disney that you were forced to shop at as there were not more brick and mortar stores. They are NOT returning(per an employee in one of the stores in Disney Springs) just a rebranding of the shopDIsney to The Disney Store

  2. Changing a name doesn’t make it better just a pig with a different shade of lipstick.

  3. Wish they would bring back the Disney stores

  4. Wish they would bring the brick and mortar back. I miss going and just looking and touching clothes and all. I need to see things before I buy. Some people just get the Disney feel online. I for one don’t.

  5. I loved shopping at the Disney stores. I donā€™t like shopping on line. Since the stores closed I have been saving money.

  6. We want the brick and mortar store back! I never recalled our neighborhood mall store ever slow with customers. The store itself was just a magical experience in between our visits to The World. I think the Disney Company should have fan based groups that they use for feedback. The return of things like The Disney Store brick and mortar store, Free Fast Pass, and Magical Express are things that fans have screaming loud and clear to bring back, but with no response. Thank you for allowing fans to share feedback.

  7. I wished they would bring back the Disney Stores at the shopping center. I like to shop in person and see the merchandise close up and see what I’m actually seeing. There has been a few times I’ve ordered something online and finding out that I have to return it and pay the postage twice. Once for shipping to me and pay for shipping back. Having these stores at the mall makes me feel like I’m actually in the Disney Parks. Please considering bring the store back. I’m not even sure why you closed it in the first place.

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