D23: Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With Stars from “The All New Mickey Mouse Club”

Mickey Mouse Club
Credit: D23
Mickey Mouse Club

Credit: D23

If you grew up in the ’90s, then you grew up with “The All-New Mickey Mouse Club.” This evening Bret Iwan, the current voice of Mickey Mouse, sat down with three of the former members in an informal discussion about the shoe and their experiences. 

Chase Hampton, Deedee Magno, and Tony Lucca told Brett what it was like to be on the show and to “grow up Disney.” Mango said, “I just remember, at like 12 years old, my first audition and then getting a callback, and it was just surreal. I was getting to sing and dance and act, you know, all of the things I loved to do!” The other members agreed with the statement and expressed similar sentiments.

Mickey Mouse club

Credit: D23

Bret, who did not appear on the show, joked with them that he wanted to be one of them so bad that he lied to his friends and said he’d auditioned and made it and would be moving to Orlando to join the show, but it wasn’t true, and the other kids eventually called him out on it. The cast quickly chimed in, saying that if you watched the show, you were a part of the Mickey Mouse Club and “once a Mouseketeer, always a Mouseketeer!” 

The three Mouseketeers, along with Albert Fields, Tiffini Hale, and Damon Pampolina, made up a special group of Mickey Mouse Club members known as “The Party.” If you don’t remember it, think of it as one of the first corporate bands. It was mostly gimmicky, catchy songs with a wholesome bubble gum sound. They enjoyed relative popularity between 1989-1992 and even had some songs make it onto the Billboard charts. Below is one of their more popular music videos, “That’s Why” (“In My Dreams” was arguably their most famous song, but out of respect to our readers with flashing light sensitivity, we didn’t post it. It is worth seeking out, though). 


The gang told Brettthat Disney has recently released all 47 of their songs to various music streaming platforms. Check it out and take a trip down memory can’t (or discover something new-to-you)! 

We’re so excited about all of the incredible announcements and special guests so far! Ready for more? Stay tuned right here for full coverage of the D23 Expo 2022 because as soon as we know, you’ll know! There’s so much more to come!

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