Could There Be a New Halloweentown Film in the Works?

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Heads up Halloween lovers: there’s a new project in town and details of the new project are very hush hush- Disney hasn’t released a plot or even a title for the film in the works which has our wheels turning! What could it be?

So no plot, no title? What DO we know? Filming will take place in Norwood Massachusetts during the month of August. According to the Norwood Community Media, Disney plans to use several locations in using the town commons, theater, town hall and several parking lots. That’s um… not a lot to go on.

Disney is coming to Norwood Massachusetts


HOWEVER, take a look at the town commons:

Norwood Massachusetts

Credit: WCVB

What much beloved Halloween movie does this remind you of? Halloweentown anyone?

Halloweentown cast in front of city hall

Credit: Disney

While this is absolutely not confirmed and purely speculation at this point, there is some support for the theory. According to entertainment website E!, Halloweentown producer Sheri Singer has expressed a desire to create a sequel saying, “I’d have to get Disney Channel to get on-board, but I would like to [make Halloweentown 5]. I have ideas of how I would do it. There was some talk about it a year and a half ago, but then it didn’t happen.”

Perhaps now is the time? After all, we never thought we’d get a Hocus Pocus sequel either yet here we are! Though the original Halloweentown films were filmed in St. Helens, Oregon, it’s still possible this location could be related. After all, it’s been 24 years since the first film’s debut.  Marnie, who was a young teen then, would be an adult now and could have moved to New England.

Interestingly, Kimberly Brown has an Etsy shop where she sells Halloweentown merchandise. Check out this photo of her modeling a (super cute) shirt while randomly holding a 5 balloon. She gives no explanation for the balloon. Could it be a subtle nod toward a new movie? Unlikely since she was recast in the fourth film, but hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

Halloweentown star Kimberly Brown

Credit: etsy/Craftilycreative

Another interesting theory is that it could be a Halloweentown remake. That would certainly not be surprising, Disney is no stranger to remakes after all. The types of locations chosen for filming would seem to go hand in hand with the original.

It’s also entirely possible that this is an entirely new story which, Halloween lover that I am, would be so exciting! We will keep you updated on developments as they unfold. What do you think? Am I onto something with my theory, or do you think I’m way off base? Let us know in the comments!




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