Could Christopher Nolan Direct the Next ‘Avengers’ Movie?

next avengers movie secret wars iron man robert downey jr marvel studios marvel comics christopher nolan batman superman superheroes
Credit: Marvel Studios

Even though the next big MCU multiversal crossover event isn’t scheduled for a few years with Marvel Studios‘ highly-anticipated films Avengers: Kang Dynasty or Avengers: Secret Wars, fans are happily sharing speculation all over social media. Apparently, some big-name actors from the franchise’s past are being thrown around, but what about the next Avengers movie’s director? This recent fun WIRED interview with Marvel’s Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr, and director Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer press gave Marvel fans some big ideas…

For reference to Nolan’s illustrious directing career, think of Inception (2010) and Interstellar (2014). However when it comes to superhero flicks alone, he’s directed Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008), and executive produced Man of Steel (2013), Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and Justice League (2017). All were for Marvel Comics‘ big rival, DC Comics.

next avengers movie secret wars iron man robert downey jr marvel studios marvel comics christopher nolan batman superman superheros

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Check out all the Marvel-related questions and answers the pair tackled!

I have six. That’s the sixth one, and that was the Avengers cast tattoo. That happened the evening of the premiere for Infinity War. Scarlet got it first, then Chris Evans got it, then I got it, then Jeremy Renner got it, then Chris Hemsworth got it, even though he was a little tentative about it and seemed to overreact to the pain, and then Mark Ruffalo said, “I’m not getting that tattoo. I don’t wanna be part of your Hollywood Inside game,” to which I applauded him. F*** you, Mark.
I do not like Gwyneth Paltrow. I absolutely adore her like a sister, like a sister that you may have made out with a few times while still liking her.
next avengers movie secret wars iron man robert downey jr marvel studios marvel comics christopher nolan batman superman superheros

Credit: Marvel Studios

It was God’s will…Well, I had a pretty good screen test, but I’ll really tell you what happened is, the same weekend I did a movie called Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. John Favreau did a movie called Zathura. They both tanked, and we were both really hungry to try to do something that would make an impact, and when “Iron Man” came out, everyone that knew me and loved me said, “This will do until ‘The Dark Knight’ comes out,” and here we are now.
Nolan: Whoa. That is the Multiverse conundrum. Having worked with you on “Oppenheimer,” there’d probably be a lot too much Tony Stark. You’d be running away with the movie a little bit.
Downey Jr: Like I didn’t.
Downey Jr and Nolan clearly work very well together, so while Nolan would be a long shot for the next Avengers movie superhero fans from both sides of the aisle, Marvel and DC would surely be interested in the result.
Check out the full interview below for more hilarity, insight into Robert Downey Jr’s glasses, and Christopher Nolan’s process! *Spoiler* there’s a part where Downey Jr whispers praise about a DC Comics character, suggesting Marvel CEO Kevin Feige may have brainwashed him to only recognize Marvel heroes. So fun!
(slight language warning)

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