Donald Duck and Former Gov Chris Christie’s Public Slur

Donald Duck is steaming angry, steam coming out of ears
Credit: Disney

There’s a bipartisan understanding that the world of American politics is enduring some chaotic times. A former President is in court for numerous criminal counts, the position that’s third in line to take over for POTUS is currently vacant, and the race for the 2024 election is as heated as ever. So, how does Disney keep getting roped into these dealings? It’s not Florida Gov Ron DeSantis this time, but former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who invoked the House of Mouse at a Southern California GOP debate.

Chris Christie aims to set himself apart from other potential 2024 GOP Presidential nominees by taking a hard stance against former President Donald Trump. In a recent debate broadcast from Simi Valley, California, Christie dropped what was supposed to be a devastating burn on ex-President Trump, commenting on Trump’s avoidant tendencies. The Disney-inspired comment came off as a painfully rehearsed attempt to match Trump’s habit of nicknaming his opponents.

Former New Jersey Governor Christ Christie speaking in front of flags
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Here’s what Christie said:

Donald, I know you’re watching. You can’t help yourself … You’re not here tonight because you’re afraid of being on this stage and defending your record. You’re ducking these things. And let me tell you what’s going to happen. You keep doing that, no one up here’s gonna keep calling you Donald Trump anymore; we’re gonna call you Donald DUCK.

Just…oof. So cringe, no? What campaign writer came up with this turn of phrase? Was it Christie himself who insisted on it?

No one seemed particularly moved by the Trump-Donald Duck comparison, and Trump himself brushed off the comment. But Chris Christie dug his heels in, determined to make “Donald Duck” work as a searing insult, by tweeting the moniker again in response to Trump’s pointed comments on Truth Social – and adding “keep duckin.”

As a public figure himself, Donald Duck was understandably not pleased with the association made by Mr. Christie. As Duck is known for his short fuse and fuming temper, supporters of the Walt Disney Company wonder why Christie would’ve dared open such a can of worms for one lackluster nickname. While both are white males with accents of orange, the Donalds have little in common besides their first names, their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the propensity for semi-intelligible speech.

As far as politics go, Donald Duck has been out of that game for a long, long time – though during World War II, he was decidedly anti-Nazi. He also was a dedicated member of the US Army as depicted in early 1940s films Donald Gets Drafted (1942), The Vanishing Private (1942), Sky Trooper (1942), Fall Out Fall In (1943), The Old Army Game (1943), and Commando Duck (1944).

Donald Duck is proud to be an American
Credit: Disney

While Donald Trump did not attend the recent GOP debate and therefore gave Chris Christie’s insult validity, Donald Duck almost certainly disapproves of his name in conjunction with such pretenses. While he may be temperamental and grouchy, Donald Duck is certainly not one to back down from a fight.

It seems Christie and his fellow White House contenders may have to work harder to unseat President Joe Biden in 2024 because Donald Duck would NOT approve this message.

This article contains light satire and should not be taken as legal representation of the thoughts or feelings of The Walt Disney Company or Donald Duck.

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