CEO Bob Iger Will Not Separate Disney From Politics

Bob Iger
Credit: Disney

This afternoon, the Walt Disney Company held its annual shareholder meeting. CEO Bob Iger led the meeting by describing all of the exciting things that are happening within the Parks domestically and internationally. Those listening to the call learned about all of the things Disney is doing. New movies, attractions, and philanthropic endeavors were at the forefront of Iger’s presentation.

However, once the meeting shifted to the question and answer portion, the tone of the call became much darker. Shareholders called in and began asking Bob Iger some brutal questions about his political views and stances. Some major criticism over his relationship with China and the LGBTQ+ community was brought to light.

Bob Iger made sure that his stance was clear: he values his freedom of speech and won’t be silenced anytime soon.

Bob Iger

Free Speech is a Priority for Disney CEO

Over the last year, the Walt Disney Company has been questioned over its political views. Instead of remaining complicit and politically neutral, Bob Iger has intertwined his values with Disney’s. Disney has become an ally for the LGBTQ+ community and has been a champion for diversity and inclusion. While many fans love this, some believe that Iger has gone too far.

In the shareholder meeting, numerous callers questioned Iger about why he has been choosing to indoctrinate the youth of America with “LGBTQ+ propaganda.” They were especially critical of Iger’s conflict with the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

ron desantis standing at podium

Credit: Orlando Business Journal

Bob Iger made his response clear, he is not backing down from stating his opinions.

He said,

“Companies have freedom of speech just like individuals… and to be punished for taking a stance and using its exercisable constitutional right is ‘not Florida… As long as I’m in the job, I’m going to be guided by a sense of decency and respect.”

Iger Investing in Florida’s Future

From Iger’s perspective, he is pro-Florida regardless of his conflict with DeSantis. He revealed on the call that he is planning to invest $17 billion dollars into the Walt Disney World Resort. This will result in the creation of 13,000 jobs. 

It is clear after this meeting that CEO Bob Iger will not be stopping the political talk anytime soon.

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