‘Cursed Coaster’: More Trouble for Fury 325

Fury 325 crack
Credit: Jill Bivins

Fury 325 is currently the 5th tallest Roller coaster in the world. It’s also the world’s 8th fastest roller coaster (but it climbs significantly if you discount launched coasters). Standing at an impressive 325 feet this steel giant reaches sustained speeds of 95 mph. It’s also one of the longest coasters in the world with over a mile of track and a ride duration of 3:25. It is the crown jewel of Carowinds, a Cedar Fair theme park known for impressive coasters. You’d think a coaster this impressive would be well cared for right? Think again.

Not long ago, the coaster made headlines when fans discovered a crack in one of its support beams. Jeremy Wagner, a guest at the park, noticed the crack on a video he captured. Even more terrifying, he caught video of the beam swaying as the train full of riders roared past.

Fury 325 clearly visible crack

Credit: Jeremy Wagner

The coaster was shut down, though not immediately, and another beam was put in place. Fury 325 has been undergoing testing ever since. The incident also prompted an intensive inspection of the ride. All seemed well and there was talk of reopening the ride.

Now, however, a second crack has been found in the support beams of Fury 325. The crack was found during inspection following the damaged beam’s replacement. The second crack is similar to the first, an air gap where a weld should be.

This has caused a delay in the rides reopening. Meredith Watson, a spokesperson for the North Carolina Department of Labor, said in a statement that “No certificate of operation has been issued nor do we have a timeline of when the certificate of operation will be issued for the Fury 325.” The certificate will not be issued until all repairs are made and extensive testing and re-inspection is performed.

Fury 325

Credit: Jill Bivins

This is in line with comments from North Carolina Department of Labor Commissioner Josh Dobson who said earlier in July that “until we’re 100% comfortable issuing that new certificate of operation, we will not do so. We’re going to take as long as it takes.”

The second crack has caused concern among fans and the general public. Some have wondered if the coaster is cursed due to the sheer number of serious issues it has experienced. It has been plagued with issues since it opened in 2015. Numerous incidents have occurred and according to Queen City News, “Almost all of the situations involved malfunctions on the rides themselves.”

A spokesperson for Carowinds dismissed the public concern, saying that “it is not uncommon to discover slight weld indications in various locations of a steel superstructure. It is important to note that these indications do not compromise the structural integrity or safety of the ride.” They went on to say that they are cooperating fully with the Department of Labor and are “[conducting] a comprehensive series of detailed tests and inspections in preparation for the reopening of Fury 325.”

Fury 325

Crecit: Jill Bivins

Carowinds is located in Charlotte, North Carolina and crosses the border into South Carolina. Opening in 1973, the theme park is known for its impressive roller coasters and expansive water park. Countless children, including this author, grew up riding the park’s coasters. In recent years the park has had numerous issues including a severed hand after a ride seemingly turned itself on as a worker was performing maintenance.ย  It is unknown at this time when Fury 325 will reopen.



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