Disney Announces NEW Location in North Carolina

Storyliving by Disney North Carolina
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Ever dream that you could live in Disney all year round?

All around the world, millions of fans love and adore The Walt Disney Company. Between the movies, theme parks, and magical experiences, there is so much to love about Disney. Some people live in Disney so much that they even dream about living at Disney Parks yearlong.

While living in a Disney theme park is not an option, Disney does have an alternative for the next best thing. Introducing: Storyliving by Disney!

Asteria storyliving

Credit: Disney

Disney Announces Second Storyliving Community

While The Walt Disney Company is currently working on the Contino: Storyliving by Disney community in California, another new community has just been announced.

Earlier today, Disney unveiled its exciting plans for a new Storyliving by Disney community, which is set to be located in the charming state of North Carolina. This idyllic community, named Asteria, will find its home in Pittsboro, conveniently situated within close proximity to the bustling cities of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham.

As Disney ventures into the realm of real estate, they have gone above and beyond to ensure that the Asteria community will be nothing short of extraordinary. With more than 4,000 residential units planned, this community will offer a diverse range of housing options to cater to the unique needs and preferences of its future residents. From spacious single-family abodes to modern and convenient multi-family homes, Asteria will undoubtedly captivate individuals and families alike with its exceptional offerings.

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A Home for True Disney Lovers

The introduction of this Storyliving by the Disney community in North Carolina signifies yet another exciting chapter in the Disney legacy. With an unwavering commitment to delivering innovative and immersive experiences, Disney seeks to create an enchanting environment where the magic of its brand will continue to resonate deeply with residents and visitors alike. The Asteria community will embody the essence of Disney, weaving together their world-renowned creativity, attention to detail, and dedication to storytelling within the fabric of this captivating residential enclave.

By choosing to establish this extraordinary community in Pittsboro, Disney has strategically selected a location that not only boasts picturesque surroundings but also provides convenient access to a multitude of amenities and attractions. Situated near the vibrant nearby cities, Asteria residents will find themselves within easy reach of a diverse range of cultural, dining, and entertainment options, enriching their daily lives with endless opportunities for exploration and enjoyment.

Asteria storyliving

Credit: Disney

As with any Disney endeavor, the Asteria community will naturally uphold the highest standards of quality and excellence. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting magic of Disney theme parks and the impeccable attention to detail found in their meticulously designed attractions, every element of Asteria will be thoughtfully crafted to create an unparalleled living experience. From meticulously landscaped green spaces to world-class recreational facilities and state-of-the-art amenities, residents of Asteria can expect nothing less than the very best.

The announcement of the Storyliving by Disney community in North Carolina marks an exciting chapter in Disney’s storied history. With the introduction of the magnificent Asteria community in Pittsboro, Disney invites residents to embark on an extraordinary journey where the magic and wonder of Disney’s storytelling tradition seamlessly intertwine with the joys of community living. Through meticulous attention to detail, unparalleled amenities, and a commitment to fostering genuine connections, Asteria will undoubtedly become a place where dreams come true and unforgettable stories are made.

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