Bob Iger Gets Roasted After a Visit to Disney World This Week

bob iger and guest at disney world

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger visited the Walt Disney World Resort this week, but once he tweeted about his visit, he received all kinds of responses–some more negative than others.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger visits Disney World

Credit: Twitter/Bob Iger

On November 20, when The Walt Disney Company announced the removal of then-CEO Bob Chapek, multitudes in the Disneyverse rejoiced. But the rejoicing was all the louder when Disney announced–moments later–that former CEO Bob Iger would be stepping in to right the proverbial ship.

Iger has a long history with The Walt Disney Company, beginning with his first role as a weather reporter for an ABC news station decades ago before working his way up to ultimately land the role of CEO of Walt’s beloved company. During his tenure as CEO, Iger was instrumental in several acquisitions–and the purchasing of multiple IPs–PIXAR, Lucasfilm, Marvel, and others.

Shortly after he returned to his post as a so-called “boomerang CEO,” Iger and his wife, Willow Bay, visited the Disneyland Resort in California to celebrate the holidays and take in the Candlelight Processional.

This week, Iger visited the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and was only too happy to tweet about the “spectacular Cast Members” at the Central Florida Disney Parks.

“Had a great visit to @WaltDisneyWorld this week, and I’m always so inspired by our spectacular Cast Members, who bring such talent and dedication to everything they do. Thank you!”

Iger’s tweet about his visit to Disney World was met with what we’ll call “mixed responses,” as some on Twitter took the opportunity to make commentary about issues they have with how things are being handled in the parks, such as the continued pause on the sale of annual passes at Disney World.

A user named Liam tweeted, “I wish I could have a great visit to Walt Disney World, but you won’t sell me an AP.”

Another user, Lucky Girl, responded to Iger’s tweet by commenting about the pay received by Disney’s Cast Members, saying, “So pay them a livable wage please and thank you.”

User Jamie Whitley responded to Iger’s tweet, calling her family a “Universal family” because of changes at Disney World.

“Please get rid of the rsvp system altogether. We were never a universal family, and now we are bc we like just being able to go on a whim. That’s the fun part of living in FL. Not having to plan and just go on a whim.”

But there was this tweet, which warmed our hearts, from user Timelrod, who clearly had a really magical experience as he and his child met Bob Iger at EPCOT’s Space 220 Restaurant.

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“We did too! Thanks again for making magic for our kiddo, Mason!”

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