Bob Barker, Host of ‘the Price Is Right,’ Dies at 99

Bob Barker
Credit: The Price is Right, ABC

Bob Barker, the beloved longtime host of The Price is Right, has died at the age of 99. Barker’s death is a profound loss to the entertainment industry and millions of fans worldwide. The iconic game show host passed away peacefully in his Los Angeles home Saturday morning, surrounded by loved ones.

The Prolific Life of Television Host Bob Barker

Bob Barker

Credit: The Price is Right, ABC

Robert William Barker was born on December 12, 1923, in the Hollywood hills of Darrington, Washington. His parents, Dorothy Jo Gideon and Byron John Barker, raised him in South Dakota and Missouri. Barker’s interest in broadcasting emerged during his time at Drury College, where he hosted his first radio show.

Barker’s journey to stardom began when he moved to California and started working as a radio host in Los Angeles. His charm and charisma caught the attention of television executives, leading to his breakthrough as the host of The Price is Right in 1972. At that time, the show was facing cancellation, but Barker’s wit and charisma rejuvenated it, making it one of the longest-running game shows in television history.

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Bob Barker

Credit: The Price is Right, ABC

A Host, Friend, and Activist

For 35 years, Bob Barker became an indelible part of the show’s success, captivating audiences with his energetic and jovial personality. He had a unique ability to connect with contestants and viewers alike, making every episode incredibly entertaining.

Outside of his hosting career, Barker was an avid animal rights activist. He was a prominent supporter of animal rights organizations, such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, advocating for the protection of marine wildlife. Barker also advocated for the spaying and neutering of housepets as a means to lower the number of animals in shelters across America.


After his retirement in 2007, Barker handed over the hosting duties of The Price is Right to comedian Drew Carey. The transition marked the end of an era but also highlighted Barker’s desire to ensure the show’s continued success and longevity. His reputation for being an incredible person, host, and friend will live on for years to come.

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