Big Thunder Mountain Evacuated After Child Allegedly Jumps Ride’s Fence

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Please note that the story outlined in this article is based on a personal Disney Parks guest experience. No two guest experiences are alike, and this article does not necessarily align with Disney Dining’s personal views on Disney Park operations.

Riders at Disneyland Resort recently found themselves in an unexpected situation when they were evacuated from the thrilling Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. While the details surrounding the Disneyland Park incident remained unclear, one guest came forward with a rather intriguing claim. According to this account, the ride’s evacuation was prompted by a child who had allegedly “jumped the fence and triggered a safety sensor.” This alleged action consequently led to the roller coaster shutting down and forcing both those already on the attraction and those waiting to board to vacate.

theme park injuries Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Guest Comes Forward With Shocking Allegation

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, a beloved attraction at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, is renowned for its exhilarating twists and turns that take guests on a captivating journey through s captivating Old West mining town. However, on this particular day, the usual exhilaration turned into a temporary disruption at the Disneyland Park ride, leaving riders both puzzled and curious about the underlying circumstances.

One fan posted a photo showing their party being evacuated from the attraction on December 26, 2023. One commenter provided an interesting explanation for what caused the evacuation. According to their version of events, a child had managed to breach the theme park ride’s safety measures by jumping over a fence. This action apparently caused a safety sensor to be triggered, a mechanism designed to ensure the well-being of riders. As a result, the ride’s operations were promptly halted, and a complete evacuation was put into motion, requiring both current riders and those in line to exit the attraction. The comment reads:

“Yeah so… the group behind me in line had a kid that jumped the fence and triggered a safety sensor causing the ride to shut down and force everyone off the ride or anyone about to get on… ngl that was the icing on the cake after a super packed and overpriced day at Disneyland.”

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Another Alleged Issue in the Disney Community

As with any incident at a popular theme park, it sparked conversation and speculation among guests and Disney enthusiasts alike. With Big Thunder Mountain Railroad being a must-do attraction for many, it’s understandable that such an event would garner attention. This alleged incident also comes just days after another young rider was run over by a ride vehicle after grabbing something on the tracks.

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big thunder mountain

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This alleged incident serves as a reminder to keep a close eye on your children and always follow Disney’s rules.

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