Best & Worst Quick-Service Restaurants at Walt Disney World

Desserts at Docking Bay 7

One of the fabulous things about Disney World is the fact that they have some pretty amazing food, even inside the gates of their theme parks. While most amusement parks will subject you to dining on sub-par chicken nuggets and pizza, Disney has a whole world of flavors for you to choose from, and many are very, very good. Unfortunately, even Walt Disney World is capable of making some duds, and their dining is not excluded from this fact. This means you will find the occasional less-than-awesome meal in the parks. If you’re not sure where to head on your next trip, let us help you out. Below we’ve compiled a list of our top five best quick-service restaurants in the Disney World Parks, as well as the five worst quick-service options. Use this info to plan your quick-service dining, and you should be good to go.


5 BEST Quick-Service Restaurants

Let’s begin with the good. This section features the best of the best in terms of quick eats in Disney World. These eateries are the ones that serve up consistently good fast food in an environment that is both comfortable and fun to dine in.

Best #1: Satu’li Canteen, Animal Kingdom

Easily the best quick-service eatery on property, Satu’li Canteen is ranked highly time and time again. This place serves up some seriously delicious bowls that guests get to build themselves. They use fresh ingredients and have plenty of healthy yet delicious offerings. There is tons of seating available both indoors and out, and the theming is nice without being overwhelming.

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Best #2: Flame Tree Barbecue, Animal Kingdom

We adore Flame Tree Barbecue and go there as often as we possibly can. The food is delicious, and the prices are unbelievably low considering what you’re getting and where you are. We highly recommend the pulled pork sandwich, but have yet to order anything we didn’t enjoy. While the fact that there is no indoor seating at this restaurant is annoying, we think the delicious food and plentiful shaded outdoor seating nearby make up for the inconvenience.

Best #3: Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, Hollywood Studios

One of the newest eateries in Hollywood Studios, and by far our favorite new option, Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is the perfect example of an ideal quick-service dining location. The food is just different enough to be interesting, while still familiar enough to please picky eaters, and we love the fact that the meals are named to match the Star Wars theme. The atmosphere is spot-on with incredible attention to detail, and despite the fact that this restaurant sees some really long lines, wait times are always reasonable in our experience.

Endorian Tip Yip at Docking Bay

Best #4: Columbia Harbor House, Magic Kingdom

A tried-and-true favorite of Disney fans, Columbia Harbor House is a must-try while in Magic Kingdom. We love that this eatery has an enormous number of indoor tables, meaning seating out of the elements is almost always available. The fish, shrimp, and other seafood options served here are incredibly well done, and the clam chowder is even better. On top of all that, the nautical theming in this eatery is a lot of fun and we often spend several minutes checking out the smaller details, finding new hidden gems every time.

Best #5: Tangierine Cafe, EPCOT

Finally, there is Tangierine Cafe. We had a rough time choosing just one of the quick-service joints in the World Showcase, as almost every single one is absolutely delicious. We landed on this one for a variety of reasons! First it offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Secondly, the dishes served here are different from the norm, but not so different that picky eaters can’t find something to enjoy. And finally, the large portions are often big enough for two to share, making this a great eatery for folks on a budget.

Runners up in this category include: Be Our Guest, Sunshine Seasons, Les Halles Boulangerie-Pâtisserie, and Yorkshire County Fish Shop.

5 WORST Quick-Service Restaurants

Moving on, now we will talk about the bad stuff. These are the eateries we would never ever recommend to a friend, and the ones we go out of our way to avoid when visiting the parks. None of these are located very far from somewhere better to eat, so do yourself a favor and go elsewhere instead.

Worst #1: PizzeRizzo, Hollywood Studios

We wanted to like PizzeRizzo. Really, we did. We were hoping the switchover from Pizza Planet would make this a better option. Unfortunately, that just didn’t happen. The pizza is sub-par at best, and way overpriced. Additionally, the theme—which features the super fun Muppets characters—somehow just isn’t what it could be, causing even further disappointment.

Worst #2: Dockside Diner, Hollywood Studios

Honestly, Dockside Diner is fine for what it is—but what it is, isn’t great. This is a walk-up window that serves hotdogs. The hotdogs are just okay, the seating is outdoors and in direct sunlight, and the lines can get pretty long, making it even less appealing.

Worst #3: Sunset Ranch Market, Hollywood Studios

Yes, we did add another Hollywood Studios location to our list. Unfortunately, with the exception of the Star Wars option above, this park just hasn’t put out much in the way of great quick-service. Sunset Ranch Market is actually a collection of walk-up windows. Some only serve snacks, but a couple do offer actual meals. While we have to give these counters credit for offering something different, we’ve yet to have anything very good in terms of entrees at any of the locations. To add insult to injury, seating is all outdoors and a bit limited.

Worst #4: The Lunching Pad, Magic Kingdom

Another walk-up counter, The Lunching Pad does serve some fun limited-edition snacks. Beyond those however, this is not a place worth visiting. The meal options here include super typical items such as hotdogs, and the waits to get those items can get quite long because of the restaurant’s location. Additionally, the outdoor seating at this particular location tends to be taken up by people who are waiting for family, leaving diners nowhere to sit.

Worst #5: Casey’s Corner, Magic Kingdom

Last but not least, there is Casey’s Corner. This is actually a surprisingly popular spot, but we regret to say that we just don’t get it. The place serves up hotdogs that are not any better than any other hotdog out there. This would be fine if you just wanted a typical hotdog, but this tiny restaurant is always packed to the gills, making the entire experience hectic and stressful. While there is some indoor and outdoor seating, claiming a table is nearly impossible because of the crowds.

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Runners up in this category include: Restaurantosaurus, Pizzafari, Pinocchio Village Haus, ABC Commissary, and Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

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