Beat the System! Renew by September 7 and keep all those nostalgic perks

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Credit: Disney

If you’re a current Disney World annual pass holder nearing expiration and, like many Disney fans, your apple cart has been upset by the newly-announced annual pass program at the parks, you’ll want to renew your pass by September 7.

That’s because doing so will lock in those precious perks we only recently took for granted that will not be available once the new passes are available for purchase.

Disney World fans have been less than pleasantly surprised by the newly-unveiled annual pass program at the Florida parks because the new pass tiers will demand much more from their wallets and afford them far fewer perks.

Credit: Disney

The new program offers four tiers, or levels, of annual passes: the Pixie Dust Pass, the Pirate Pass, the Sorcerer Pass, and the IncrediPass. They cost $399, $699, $899 and $1,299, respectively. If you’re unlucky enough to live outside the borders of the Sunshine State, you’ll have only one option–the IncrediPass, which will cost you more than $1,375 after the tax man gets his share.

And none of them come with PhotoPass, though you can add that to your pass for an additional $99.

The brand-new annual pass roll-out has angered many fans of Disney World because of the price increase, coupled with the reduced amount of perks. It’s made many sad and nostalgic over what was and what won’t be in the near future.

But if you’re hopeful about hanging on to those perks one last time, you may be able to do so by renewing your annual pass by September 7 at Disney World. Here’s what you need to know:

  • You’ll need to be within your renewal window, which is usually up to 60 days before your pass is set to expire. If you’re there, you can renew your current pass and keep things just as they are now, under whichever level of pass you currently own.
  • There’s no wiggle room. Renew on September 8, and you’ll be introduced to the new level of passes.
  • Renew by September 7, and you’ll get to keep your PhotoPass perks. The same is true of any water park/sports (ESPN) options you have on your current pass. If you’re in the renewal window and renew by September 7, you’ll have those advantages under your belt for another year!
  • Renewing your pass will save you some money. For example, a Platinum Plus Pass, which costs $1,295 initially, will cost you $1,036.82 to renew. Remember, that’s by September 7. On September 8, the most comparable pass will start at $1,299 ($1,104 for renewal) and WILL NOT include PhotoPass, water parks or sports options.

If you love the perks of the old annual pass system and you’re lucky enough to be within your renewal window, run–don’t walk–and renew TODAY (or at least by September 7) to hang on to those precious perks just a little bit longer!


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