Disney Silences Critics After Avatar Flight of Passage Ride Experiences Unbelievable Wait Time

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As summer break approaches and crowds grow at Walt Disney World in Florida, record wait times are being reported all across the theme park. However, one ride seems to take the crown for this year’s most ridiculous queue duration. This jaw-dropping wait proves that Disney still has it despite loud criticism.

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Avatar Ride Wait Time

The Pandora โ€“ The World of Avatar section is Nestled in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Two popular rides reside here, and it seems time has not made them any less relevant. In fact, they are more in demand than ever before!

A Reddit thread on the r/WaltDisneyWorld subreddit showed off the astonishing wait time of Avatar Flight of Passage. Clocking in at an unprecedented 245 minutes, the ride’s queue has become a focal point for park-goers, sparking a mix of awe and frustration.

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While queue times are up due to record attendance in the park this week, a wait of over four hours is slightly dramatic. Furthermore, its sister ride, Na’vi River Journey, has also trended upwards of at least two hours. The queue for Flight of Passage reportedly broke 300 minutes yesterday, meaning this dire situation will likely continue until the holidays are over.

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The Allure of Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is worth waiting to ride. This 3D flying simulator ride immerses visitors in the visually stunning world of James Cameron’s Avatar franchise, allowing them to ride banshees through Pandora’s lush landscapes. Its cutting-edge technology, combining 3D visuals, motion simulation, and sensory effects, has earned it a reputation as one of Disney’s most captivating experiences.

However, nothing is worth this hassle, especially when dropping a pretty penny to be there!

Several factors contribute to the jaw-dropping wait time. Firstly, the park has been shattering attendance records since its post-COVID reopening, drawing in crowds one would never have thought possible after the decline in guest numbers over the summer.

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The ride’s status as a must-see also further fuels its popularity. Compounding the situation is the scarcity of Genie+ Lightning Lane passes, intensifying the demand for the standard standby queue.

On the Reddit thread, users shared their disbelief and discussed whether the ride was worth the extended wait times.

This soaring wait time is a reminder that Walt Disney World is still relevant, regardless of the negativity that has been plaguing it over the past couple of years.

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