Concept Art Revealed for Disney’s Newest ‘Avatar’ Experience

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Disneyland Resort, located in Anaheim, California, is known for its incredible attractions and immersive land experiences. This theme park has been one of the best in the world since its opening decades ago, and the park is continuing to dazzle guests with the quality and quantity of offerings inside Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park.

One of the main difficulties that Disneyland Resort has faced over the years is the significant area constraints it has. The area surrounding the resort has turned into a bustling city, making expanding the park very difficult. It is for this reason that fans were surprised when Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that a land inspired by the Avatar franchise would be coming to Disneyland Resort.

Now, Disney Parks has revealed concept art for this land area.

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neytiri riding a banshee/ikran

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‘Avatar’ Experience Takes Shape

CEO Bob Iger, known for his visionary leadership at the helm of the Walt Disney Company, unveiled captivating concept art for a potential Avatar experience slated for Disneyland Resort during today’s stockholder meeting.

The concept art hints at an immersive and enchanting world inspired by the blockbuster Avatar franchise, promising guests a one-of-a-kind adventure within the magical realm of Pandora. By the look of it, it seems that the area may be heavily inspired by the franchise’s second film, Avatar: The Way of Water (2022).

By teasing this potential addition to the Disneyland Resort, Iger not only ignites the imaginations of Disney enthusiasts but also underscores the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the realm of themed entertainment experiences.

With Bob Iger at the forefront, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this possible Avatar experience at Disneyland Resort reach unprecedented heights, offering a glimpse into what could be a groundbreaking addition to the park’s already impressive roster of attractions.

Pandora Flight of Passage

Credit: Disney

Where Will This Go?

While the excitement for this new project is undoubtedly high, many fans are already wondering where this area could possibly go. The concept art, which was described as a “possible” option, shows a vast area attraction featuring what appears to be a boat ride. In Disneyland Resort’s current state, it is hard to imagine a plot of land where this could go. Some fans believe that this area will take the place of another, while others think that the area will come down the line alongside a Resort expansion.

While many details about this land are still under wraps for now, it is thrilling to see such lush and unique concept art. Hopefully, the final execution will bring to life some of the ideas beautifully demonstrated in this release.

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