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Part of Disney World’s Failed Galactic Starcruiser To Be Revived at Disneyland Next Week

galactic starcruiser and stormtrooper

Despite the company’s failed attempts to woo fans into a quasi-immersive stupor of existence somewhere in George Lucas’s famous galaxy far, far away, Disney is breathing new life into Disney World’s now-defunct Star Wars-themed hotel, the Galactic Starcruiser. An Out-of-This-World Attraction Goes Awry at Disney World Many moons ago, in March 2022, Disney World proudly and excitedly opened a brand-new ...

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Two Disney Fans Found Living at Disney Park For More Than 16 Years

balloons mickey mouse

Disney fans are often unfairly lumped into one category–and even seen as being all the same–but the truth is that among those who consider themselves fans of Disney’s parks, films, characters, and other offerings, there can be a variety of differences in how those fans go about celebrating that fandom. Disney Fans Have Different Ideas of “Dreams Come True” Some ...

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‘Full House’ Star Gets Painfully Honest About Her Health Battle

candace cameron bure

Please note that this post mentions topics like depression and suicide and may not be suitable for all readers. Viewer discretion is advised. A beloved star from the Disney/ABC-owned sitcom Full House has gotten painfully honest and blunt about her ongoing health battle, detailing her daily struggles, her reluctance to get help, and what her journey looks like now. A Beautiful ...

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2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season Projected to Be “Explosive”

explosive hurricane season

Projections for the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season were just released, and this year’s season is forecast to be “unprecedented” and “explosive” as sea surface temperatures rise, creating the potential for an increased number of storms, as well as increased intensity. An “Explosive” Hurricane Season Ahead The upcoming hurricane season begins on June 1 and runs through November 30, but information ...

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Disney World’s Ticket Pricing System Takes Hold as Guests at Some Theme Park Locations Will Soon Pay More to Visit During Nice Weather

cinderella castle sunlight dollar bills

When the Walt Disney World Resort opened in October 1971, the giant theme park resort began the neverending work of paving the way for every other theme park that would open in Central Florida after that point, setting the standard against which competitors would forever be critiqued. Now, more than 50 years later, Disney World continues to set the standard ...

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Guests Will Soon Say Farewell to a Long-Standing Favorite Attraction at EPCOT As They Know It

soarin at epcot

Fans will soon reportedly say farewell to a guest-favorite attraction at EPCOT as they know it, as recent changes in the park have rendered parts of the attraction obsolete. A Whole New Take on EPCOT In recent years, EPCOT has undergone some extensive changes that have given several locations throughout the park a completely different appearance. Thanks to the addition ...

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Disney World Unveils New Creatures & Features at Soon-To-Open Magic Kingdom Attraction

tianas bayou adventure

Disney World has unveiled new creatures, features, and other details inside a brand-new Magic Kingdom attraction that’s slated to open later this year. Related: Disgusting & Unforgivably Insensitive: Disney World is Reimagining the Wrong Attraction Fans Are Along For the Ride It’s getting closer and closer to the opening of Disney World’s brand-new attraction, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom, ...

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Theme Park Wars: Most Iconic Attraction in Central Florida Purchased By Well-Known Entertainment Group

thorpe park merlin entertainment

One of the most popular and recognizable attractions in Central Florida has a new name and a new owner as part of a deal that was announced on Monday afternoon between the previous owner of the attraction and a well-known family entertainment company. Merlin Entertainment, a British family entertainment group that owns various attractions and theme park resorts across the ...

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