Disney World Unveils New Creatures & Features at Soon-To-Open Magic Kingdom Attraction

tianas bayou adventure
Credit: Disney/Canva

Disney World has unveiled new creatures, features, and other details inside a brand-new Magic Kingdom attraction that’s slated to open later this year.

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Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Credit: Disney Parks

Fans Are Along For the Ride

It’s getting closer and closer to the opening of Disney World’s brand-new attraction, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Magic Kingdom, and Disney Parks has given fans a sneak peek at some of the attraction’s details and features, welcoming guests to meet some of the newest creatures they’ll encounter as part of the all-new experience.

tianas bayou adventure

Credit: Disney Parks/ABC

It’s been almost four years since Disney World announced the planned closure of the Splash Mountain attraction at Magic Kingdom and first told fans about the plans for an entirely different attraction in its place. Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has been under construction in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom since early 2023, after the final log flume went over the giant 50-foot drop at Splash Mountain in January 2023.

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Since that time, fans eager to experience the new attraction inspired by Disney’s Princess and the Frog (2009) have watched and waited as murals have been painted and metalwork has been installed at the site of the new ride. They’ve been sure never to miss a single construction update, and they were thrilled to finally be introduced to Tiana in her beautiful audio-animatronic glory.

tianas bayou adventure

Credit: Disney Parks

New Details Revealed: Creatures & Features

Now, Disney World is unveiling some of the more intricate details found inside the new attraction–things like water lilies, Spanish moss, and cypress trees that give the attraction a more authentic feel and serve as important details that help to tell the new story that will be shared once Tiana’s Bayou Adventure opens.

Splash mountain princess tiana's bayou adventure disney parks

Credit: Disney Parks

On Tuesday, Disney shared even more about the new ride, introducing fans to a few of the new animatronic friends who will play vital roles in telling Tiana’s story as well.

Music From the Bayou

Per Disney Parks Blog:

In the bayou, Princess Tiana is getting ready to throw a big party, but there’s been a bit of a mix-up between Prince Naveen and Louis. Uh oh — the princess suddenly finds herself in need of a band. We previously shared that all-new Disney characters were being created for this attraction, and that’s where the critters come in.

Even with the richest roux for your gumbo and the most delicious beignets, a true Mardi Gras celebration isn’t complete without music. We’ll follow Tiana and Louis into the bayou in a last-minute search for this essential missing ingredient for her party — musical critters! 

ultimate guide Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Credit: Disney

In a series of encounters, guests will come face-to-face with new friends–the critters–at Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. Because the ride is a musical adventure, guests will get to experience the sounds of the fiddle, the accordion, the washboard, and other instruments that come together to bring the feel of the bayou to fans of the story.

As they float down the river with fireflies dancing overhead, the familiar melody from the song “Gonna Take You There” will be played on various makeshift instruments as well.

Meet the Band

Where’s the music coming from? Well, it’s being played by the adorable new critters inside the attraction. Here are a few of them:

Byhalia the Beaver – Byhalia doesn’t just build dams; she helps build musical instruments using natural materials from the bayou. As a strong-willed percussionist, it’s safe to say Byhalia is the heartbeat of the band, as well as a natural designer and engineer. 

Gritty the Rabbit – Always willing to dig a little deeper to help others, Gritty plays the washboard (a found automobile license plate) with a high-energy flair. It’s the perfect instrument for someone who’s often overzealous and digs to relieve her nerves.  

tianas bayou adventure

Credit: Disney Parks/Canva

Beau the Opossum – Seeing limitless possibilities, no one finds more wonder in the bayou and the sounds of zydeco music than Beau. All she knows is beauty, especially her own. You can find her plucking out the low notes with her upright gourd bass, which of course, involves some musical dexterity with her tail. 

Apollo the Raccoon – Apollo loves transforming abandoned objects into works of musical art – like his squeezebox. He’s full of energy and storytelling, especially about the objects he finds in the bayou. He’s particularly close with Rufus and appreciates Rufus’ calm demeanor.  

Rufus the Turtle – Rufus may be a turtle, but he’s quick to jump into rhythm with his harmonica. He’s also the first to join in on new adventures! He’s genuine and sincere but may come across as a little sarcastic at times with his habitual sighing. Rufus loves going on adventures with Apollo. 

tianas bayou adventure

Credit: Disney Parks/Canva

Timoléon the Otter – He’s the eldest of the band, but Timoléon’s fiddle-playing is inspired by all the ‘kids’ he spends his time around while in the bayou. When he’s not sawing out a jig, he’s famous for telling stories of days long ago about his explorations of every corner of the bayou. 

Mama Odie Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Credit: Disney

While there’s still no official opening date for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, it’s possible that Disney has already hinted at the opening date, so stay tuned as we await that news, expected to be announced soon!

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