There Are Some Really Terrible Things About Vacationing at Disney World. Here Are Just a Few of Them

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The Walt Disney World Resort in Central Florida is often portrayed as a dream destination, a place where magic comes to life, where worries disappear, and where everything comes up roses every day, every time.

But beneath the surface of this usually enchanted “magic kingdom” lie some less-than-magical realities that visitors to the Central Florida Disney Parks may encounter during their stay. While Disney World offers countless delights and experiences, each one steeped in magic and pixie dust, it’s important to acknowledge the aspects that may dampen that pixie dust for some guests. Here, we delve into the somewhat darker side of Disney and explore the worst things about visiting the world-renowned theme park that bears Disney’s name.

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Long Waits & Crowds Galore

One of the most significant challenges of visiting Disney World is the sheer volume of guests it attracts, especially during peak times during the year, including the holiday seasons and the summer months.

Long lines snake through the parks at times, and often, the longer wait times and hot temperatures can make for some very unhappy and unpleasant guests. Occasionally, wait times for popular attractions can stretch for hours. Navigating through throngs of people can be overwhelming and overstimulating, especially for young children (and their parents), and patience often wears thin.

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Then again, studies show that though the wait times at Walt Disney World could easily be classified as insane at times, it’s technically guests’ fault that there’s a line at all. Click here to learn more.

Exorbitant (and Getting Higher All the Time) Costs

While Disney World offers unparalleled entertainment, but t comes at a price. From tickets to accommodations, meals, and merchandise, expenses can quickly add up, making it a costly vacation destination.

Additionally, hidden fees and upcharges for premium experiences can catch guests off guard, contributing to financial strain.

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Unpredictable Weather

Central Florida’s weather can be extremely unpredictable, with sudden rain showers and intense heat disrupting outdoor activities. What Central Florida’s rain showers lack in duration, they make up for in intensity.

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Guests can often find themselves drenched during a sudden–and sometimes unforecast–downpour or seeking refuge from sweltering temperatures, impacting their enjoyment of the park and potentially causing discomfort. And it’s important to note that, as a rule, Disney World doesn’t give refunds for “rainy days,” even if the rain renders some of the outside attractions non-operational.

Overstimulation and Pure Exhaustion

Disney World is a giant place with numerous attractions, shows, activities, and other experiences to enjoy. But sometimes, the overabundance of offerings can lead to sensory overload for some guests. The excitement and constant stimulation can be exhausting, especially for those with sensory sensitivities or medical conditions or for children in general.

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Navigating the crowds and adhering to a packed itinerary can leave visitors feeling drained rather than rejuvenated.

Transportation Challenges 

Getting around at Disney World can be a logistical headache, particularly for guests staying offsite or relying on public transportation. Because of the Central Florida Disney Resort’s expansive layout, guests must often endure extensive walking or rely instead on crowded buses, monorails, or boats, leading to delays and frustrations, especially during peak times.

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Heat and Humidity

Central Florida’s climate can be unforgiving, especially during the summer months, with high temperatures in the upper 90s at times, coupled with stifling humidity.

Prolonged exposure to the sun and heat can lead to heat exhaustion or sunburn, prompting visitors to seek shelter indoors or risk discomfort and potential health issues–to say nothing of the potential for the heat to make guests so uncomfortable that they become irritable and, occasionally, nearly belligerent toward others.

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Despite these challenges, many visitors find that the magic of Disney World outweighs its drawbacks and offers them the incomparable opportunity to create magical memories that last a lifetime. By acknowledging and preparing for those potentially less-than-magical aspects of a Disney vacation, guests can better navigate the challenges and focus on the enchanting experiences that make a vacation at the Most Magical Place on Earth truly special, indeed.

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