Guests Will Soon Say Farewell to a Long-Standing Favorite Attraction at EPCOT As They Know It

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Fans will soon reportedly say farewell to a guest-favorite attraction at EPCOT as they know it, as recent changes in the park have rendered parts of the attraction obsolete.

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A Whole New Take on EPCOT

In recent years, EPCOT has undergone some extensive changes that have given several locations throughout the park a completely different appearance.

Remy's Ratatouille

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Thanks to the addition of new attractions like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, the introduction of the World Celebration area, and the installation of the Journey of Water, Inspired By Moana attraction at the front of the park to the removal of the Fountain of Nations and the revival of EPCOT’s CommuniCore, EPCOT has experienced a multi-year season of continual change.

During that time, much of the World Celebration area at EPCOT has stood behind the veil of construction walls as crews have worked to complete the revival of CommuniCore Hall and the CommuniCore Plaza stage, as well as at least one section of World Celebration Gardens.

communicore construction at epcot

Construction has been ongoing at EPCOT/Credit: Becky B.

All three areas will officially open to guests at EPCOT on June 10.

EPCOT’s New Additions Render One Attraction Partially Obsolete

Though many areas and attractions at EPCOT have largely remained untouched during the reimagining of the park, at least one attraction has been heavily affected by the changes in the park.

The Soarin’ attraction, which is housed inside The Land Pavilion at EPCOT, has long been a favorite experience among guests.

soarin disney world

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Inside the attraction, “a 180-degree, 80-foot-tall IMAX digital projection dome,” amazing aerial footage of locations around the world, the infusion of pleasant scents, and a graceful swaying motion come together to create an experience unlike any other. The sensation is one of free flight, even though guests are safely secured in a chair on the ride “vehicle.”
Guests take flight as an uplifting musical score adapted by composer Bruce Broughton plays in the background. As they take in the sights and scents of the Swiss Alps, Australia’s Sydney Harbour, and Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as the Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, they feel an exhilarating thrill of soaring in the skies above. Again, it’s an experience unlike any other.
soarin around the world disney

Credit: Disney Parks

As the experience comes to an end, guests are treated to aerial views of the Walt Disney World Resort’s theme parks. But EPCOT’s recent additions and changes have rendered the aerial footage of the park obsolete, and as such, Disney reportedly has plans to capture new footage that highlights some of the newest parts of the park.

Disney Prepares to Recreate One Piece of the Attraction

According to a source who spoke to Orlando Theme Park News, Disney World is gearing up to capture new aerial video footage of EPCOT in early May 2024. Reportedly, the footage will be filmed after the park closes for the evening.
aerial view of epcot

Credit: X/@bioreconstruct

Spaceship Earth and World Celebration Gardens are among the locations that will reportedly be included in the new footage that will then be used in the video shown during the Soarin’ attraction experience. The current footage still includes EPCOT’s now-defunct Fountain of Nations and Innoventions structure.
soarin attraction at epcot

Credit: Disney Parks

While there’s been no official word from Disney World about the update to the Soarin’ attraction, such a move is in keeping with the park’s dedication to continually updating, improving, and refurbishing attractions and experiences for guests.
Stay tuned for more information about this upgrade at EPCOT, as well as other refurbishments and reimaginings around the Walt Disney World Resort.

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