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“Dancing with the Stars” Judge Dead at 78

len goodman with hearts background

Len Goodman, former head judge on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, has died. He was 78. Goodman died on Saturday, April 22, at a hospice in Kent, England, surrounded by his family. His manager, Jackie Gill, confirmed that he died after battling bone cancer and shared a statement with BBC News, which read in part: “It is with great sadness ...

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Enraged Passenger’s Tirade Has Plane Diverted to Orlando International Where Police Were Waiting to Intervene

angry passenger

When you’re traveling, there are lots of experiences to look forward to–and several things that can be so frustrating, they threaten to put a damper on your trip. But we’re willing to bet a baby crying isn’t on your top ten list of reasons to botch an entire vacation; however, that’s exactly what happened last week when a man and ...

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Your Stay at Disney World’s Newest Resort Hotel Comes with FREE FOOD & DRINKS Every Day

free food and drinks drury hotel

The newest Resort Hotel at Disney World isn’t playing by the rules, as Guests who choose these accommodations enjoy something rarely–if ever–enjoyed as part of a Disney World vacation: free food and drinks! Let’s be real. A Disney World getaway is not an inexpensive trip. After all, it’s called the Most Magical Place on Earth, not the Most Affordable Place on ...

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FBI Gets Involved in Disney’s “Plans” to Move to a New State, Federal Charges Filed

fbi agents cinderella castle welcome to texas sign

Federal charges were filed after the FBI was forced to get involved in Disney’s “plans” to move to another state. RELATED: State of Florida Aims to Make Construction of Disney’s Fifth Theme Park ILLEGAL This week, evening news programs and websites are teeming with stories and posts about the Walt Disney World Resort packing up and moving to another state ...

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Disney World is Cracking Down on Guests Who Just Can’t Behave

cinderella castle

In recent months, Disney World has taken steps to address rude, inappropriate, and sometimes criminal Guest behavior. The Resort has also implemented measures to stop those behaviors before they get started. In mid-December 2022, Disney World posted a warning on its official website for Guests who intend to visit the parks and act, well, less than respectable. (Who knew grown ...

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