Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Doctor Who’ Actor Passes Away “Suddenly and Unexpectedly”

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A Disney actor known for his work in one of Walt Disney Pictures’ fan-favorite films unexpectedly died this week.

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Credit: Walt Disney Pictures/Canva

A British Actor With a Successful Decades-Long Career

British actor Adrian Schiller’s death on Wednesday, April 3, was reported by his talent agency, Scott Marshall Partners. Schiller was represented by the agency for more than 30 years. According to the agency, Schiller passed away “suddenly and unexpectedly” at the age of 60. The cause of his death and the names of his survivors have not yet been made public.

Schiller was born in London, England, on February 21, 1964, and enjoyed a successful acting career that spanned several decades. His first professional onscreen appearance was in 1992 when he embraced a role in the long-running British crime drama Prime Suspect, which also starred Helen Mirren.

adrian schiller in the last kingdom on netflix

Schiller in “The Last Kingdom”/Credit: Netflix

In the 1990s, Schiller also appeared in Ghosts (1994) and the made-for-television movie RKO 281 (1999). Then, in 2000, he starred in A Touch of Frost before going on the star in My Family (2001), Judge John Deed (2001-2007), and Silent Witness (2007). He also starred in the Doctor Who television story, The Doctor’s Wife, in 2011.

His Family Announces His Passing

His death was also announced by his sister, Ginny, on his X account. In the announcement, Ginny writes, “I’m so sorry to let you all know that our beloved brother Adrian died suddenly at home yesterday. He had so many very dear friends. Sorry to those of you who are learning about this here. We will say more about funeral and/or memorial plans in due course.”

Schiller’s sister continued, saying that the actor’s family is “taking things one step at a time, supporting Milena [his partner] and Gabriel [his son] as best we can and trying to get our heads around the unimaginable.”

She further shared information about a GoFundMe page named Gabriel’s Trust. Schiller’s sister wrote further, saying, “To honor Adrian, we are asking for donations to Gabriel’s Trust to help support [Schiller’s] son Gabriel and partner Milena.”

A statement from family members about Schiller’s death was also released and reads, in part:

He has died far too soon, and we, his family and close friends, are devastated by the loss. A prodigiously talented actor, he had just returned from Sydney, where he had been appearing in ‘The Lehman Trilogy’ and was looking forward to continuing the international tour in San Francisco.

Schiller’s Famed Disney Role

For Disney, Schiller starred as Monsieur D’arque in Walt Disney Pictures’ 2017 live-action version of the 1991 animated feature Beauty and the Beast, which also starred Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Josh Gad, Luke Evans, and Stanley Tucci.

In the film, Schiller embodied the character Monsieur D’Arque in Walt Disney Pictures’ live-action Beauty and the Beast. D’Arque is a supporting antagonist in both the animated film and the live-action adaptation produced by Disney.

gaston and lefou

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

As the story goes, D’Arque is in charge of the local insane asylum, Asylum D’Loons. Gaston and LeFou reach out to D’Arque and ask for his help in placing Belle’s inventor father, Maurice, in the asylum as a means of blackmailing Belle so that she’ll marry Gaston, though against her will. D’Arque agrees to the sinister plan, though he, Gaston, and LeFou know that Maurice isn’t insane or harmful to himself or anyone else.

adrian schiller in disney's live action beauty and the beast 2017

Credit: Walt Disney Pictures

Schiller is also known for his role as Aethelhelm in the Netflix historical drama, The Last Kingdom. He also played Cornelius Penge in the ITV drama Victoria.

Most recently, the British actor appeared in the stage production of The Lehman Trilogy in Australia.

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